21 Jul

For every man that ever made or will make an
impact on the surface of this earth there is a
turning point. Considering the fact that no
man is born a hero,there exist a particular
point ín life where every human being comes
face to face with what i call the destiny jet
(pre-motion decision) and the action and
reaction you make at this point determines
your success or failure in life. You may have
being there or not but one thing is certain,
that after the official visit of this destiny jet
which everybody is entitled to it takes the
grace of God for it to come back to whoever
has failed to board the jet. In simple words,
life is well planned for you but there comes a
time where you choose to flow through the
well planned life for you or deviate to a
contrary life of undue hardship and failure at
different instances. Which decisions have you
made and which decisions are you making
now. There is still a place of grace to trace
you back to your right track should you have
made decisions amiss in the past. Turning
point exist in any situation that has to do with
time,find your turning point and maximize it
now for there your story changes.

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