Understanding The Concept of TIME!

21 Jul

A man who must ever become a wonder to his
world must be ready to acknowledge the worth
of time and efficiently maximise the little or
much available to him. Its only ignorance and
negligence that can make anybody feel that he
or she has got sufficient time at their
disposal. As a matter of fact if you don’t die
which is actually our desire, you will get old.
This means every existing human being is
subject to either of this constraint and at such
we must be ready to work at achieving the
best from which ever time is made available to
us. You must not wait for tomorrow to start
what you can do today. The earlier you start
Woking at achieving your dreams the better.
The shortage of time can be seeing in
situations such as the inability of a woman to
give birth after menopause, the fact that every
thing that start must end,the inability of man
to remain a child for a lifetime, the tenure
system in leadership positions amongst
Considering this constraints we ought to
constantly reawaken the need for effectiveness
in any condition we find ourselves per time
else we will loose relevance in the place of
destiny and fulfilment.
Finally we need discipline,contiousness and
diligence to understand and work with time.
Time is short but can be effectively
maximised,start now!

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