25 Jul

Market in the first place is any arrangement
that provides a medium for exchange or trade
between buyers and seller.Market structure in
the same temple is simply the number
composition of either of the diffrnt market
agents(buyers and sellers) in the market and
their type of operations. They include;
* Oligopoly: here there are few firms in the
market dominating the market share majority
*Oligopsony:here there are many producers
with relatively few consumers compared to
the number of producers. *Duopoly: is when
only two firms exist in the market and they
both control the market share together.
*Monopoly: here there is only one producer
of a particular product which gives the
producer opportunity to influence price at
*Monopsony:its the opposite of monopoly,its
when there is only one buyer or consumer of
a particular product with many producers in
the market.
*Monopolistic competition: this is
synonymous with competitive market.there
are many firms in this type of market with
each having a small propotion of the market
* Natural monopoly: is when a firm in its
single capacity cam meet the demand of the
whole market at a minimal cost compared to
two or more markets meeting the same
* Perfect Competition: as the name implies,its
a market with all the best of human fantasies.
No barriers to information on both the sides
of the buyers and sellers. Free entry and
unlimited number of consumer and producers
exist. It has a perfectly elastic curve.
This type of market is actually on realistic. Its
theoretical. The above markets type are the
major market structure types attainable.

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