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With the frequent cases of rapes in the society of today mostly emanating from our higher institutions of learning, one would be forced to enquire into the cause of this quagmire. Who actually is to be blamed for the abnormality, the innocent lady exhibiting all her civic right that includes freedom of what to wear with respect to dressing or the male man out there who is forced to respond to stimuli because of lack of self-control? Many a times we are made to understand that there are actually two sides to every life situation but it’s crucial to note that one of those two sides is always negative. It therefore means that we must be diligent enough to address every issue from all perspective if we must proffer a feasible solution.
Rape literally is the act of forcing sexual intercourse or other sexual activity upon another person against their will. What this means is that, any sexual activity that is not originated out of a consensus between the two parties involved is termed a rape case and its punishable by law depending on the State or country in question. What then is the cause of rape?
From observations and enquiries I have being able to deduce that one of the major causes of rape especially amongst the unmarried people is the common indecent dressing by the ladies. It has become a habit for young girls to put on dresses that exposes sensitive parts of their body or dresses that are too tight in the public. This they do without being conscious of the fact that they are incubating a sexual desire in the minds of the opposite sex. Considering the fact that this boys or men as the case may be may not be able to quench this desire in them at that instance through a consensus, they are forced to create an alternative which is rape.
Secondly its being discovered that the drive for Retaliation or pay back by some one time relationship that may have ended in an unpleasant way could be a reason for rape. For instance a guy who may have been in a relationship with a lady for over three years and have never had any sexual intercourse with that lady suddenly gets dumped by the lady for another guy for no just cause. In such a case maturity is required to overcome the bitterness that has being aroused in such a man and if the maturity is not there such a man may resort to any way of revenge amongst which rape is not far-fetched.
Another salient factor behind rape cases is the Lack of self-control by so many people in this our days. “So many people” and not just the male man this time because events have proved to us that there are rape cases orchestrated by ladies also, though not very rampant. All the reasons we earlier outlined will never feature if people were up to date with the issue of self-control. Your ability to bring your emotion under your control is one of the symptoms of true maturity and that seems to be lacking in this generation so it makes me worry less when people look for reasons behind rape. Self-control is salient and a deficiency in it could be a mother of evil.
Finally we can also talk of Sexual deprivation by couples as a reason behind marital rape. This we will not expanciate as this paper is restricted to the border of the youths. That notwithstanding we have heard of cases where the husband had to forcefully have sex with the wife reasons best known to them. Perhaps he may have a genuine reason for enforcing sex on his wife but it does not still negate the fact that it’s a rape case.
The causes mentioned above are few out of the numerous reasons behind rape cases but it’s paramount to note that no reason whatsoever is equitable enough to make a wrong right. Yes there are legislations and  sentences against rapist by different nations of the world which is good but we must go back to the root and make people see the disaster and harm that rape has caused in time past, causing presently and will cause in future if it’s not well dealt with now. Shifting blames as to who or what causes a problem can only help magnify the problem for better evaluation but does not in any way solve the problem. It’s time we all rise to our feets say no to rape because I am tired of countless abortions, bastards and Disease cases resulting from rapes. You have a part to play in change find it now.

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