HIV victims and You by Julius, O. Akubo

05 Dec


Thirty-five million people worldwide are said to be affected with HIV/AID in accordance with the Joint Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the painful fact is that most of these people are not aware of this dilemma, so you can imagine how fast it would spread due to ignorance. But come to think of it, even those who know about it are so scared of sharing it freely because they are afraid of rejection and intimidation. And as it is popularly said “A Problem Shared is half solved” but how can people solve their problem halfway when they can’t share it.
   Aids has killed even more than the two world wars, Korean war, Vietnam war and the Congo war put together yet new people are being infected almost daily due to ignorance. Many of the HIV victims have died majorlly due to dejection and rejection and not the virus itself. An HIV victim is similar to someone infected with malaria only that malaria has some sought of cure. Optimistically I believe that in the nearest future, the cure for HIV and Aids would be discovered, but why we await the cure there is need for proper sensitisation.
The virus can’t be transmitted through a hug, handshake or even a peck as it has been proved by science that five cups of spittoon is needed for HIV to be transmitted through the mouth, so you can imagine our actions in the past. Happy people are liable to live longer so we can make these people live long by simply making friends and relating with them to keep them happy and relaxed. An HIV victim either by accident (unexpected) or by circumstance of environment should know that having HIV does not mean live is over. It has being proven that HIV victims can live their normal God given length of life if only they take their medication serious even though the medication for now only helps to strengthen the immune system.
You have a part to play in bringing HIV to an end, stop spreading it and stop stigmatising the already infected. It’s my dream that in no longer time from now the drug that will permanently cure HIV will be discovered.

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