Christmas Note by Julius,O.Akubo

24 Dec


All over the world you see people decorating and furnishing their buildings with Christmas trees and lights of different sizes and shapes. To be candid,most of these decorations are far more than just beautiful,there are rather exquisite. But on a second thought it has being discovered that most of these people go through all the stress of decoration and celebration without actually knowing the reason for the celebration. Its really baffling that so many people are just following the customs of the season.
Any well knowledgeable Christian should be able to tell you that Christmas is not just a time to expect Santa’s gifts. Christmas actually goes beyond the feasting and jubilations that comes along with it. Its a time for reflective and appreciative celebration of God’s benevolence to humanity. Though not exact, the date simply brings to memory the day Jesus was born in the manger far in Bethlehem of Judea.
Its fair enough to celebrate but its disastrous to celebrate who you have not accepted and believed. The birth of Jesus will be futile over a life that has not wholly submitted to him. Don’t just celebrate the birth,ensure that the birth has fulfilled its purpose over your life merry Christmas!!!

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