02 Jan

The basic, reason why some developing countries are still in the lower region of development today is not necessarily because they lack resources but that they fail to utilize and maximise them. Amongst such resources available to some developing countries is agriculture.
Agriculture though limited to some developing countries is the basis upon which a lot of industries can evolve. First of all it starts with the Agro-allied industries whose major raw materials are from Agriculture. And as we know the Agro-allied industries will require machines which will necessitate the need for mechanical industries. It’s also obvious that social amenities like Electricity, transport mediums (good roads, airports, railways and well dredged water bodies), Health amongst others will find their way into the host society either through the public sector or the private sector.
The rising industries generate revenue for the government due to taxation and the companies’ exportation process helps bring about a positive balance of payment
Security also becomes a priority in such an area because of need for protection of the companies’ machines and even private properties
Employment is not left out as both skilled (educated) and unskilled (uneducated) labor is required by the companies for production, management, distribution and maintenance.
Talking about service industries, the media is bound to improve to facilitate information to the external societies. Hotels and restaurants of international standards are built to meet the demand of foreign investors who may visit such areas and even education is bound to improve.
All this owe their credit to agriculture but how many countries are viewing agriculture from this angle? Agriculture is a necessity for any developing country that supports it, if it must reach the level of being called developed.

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Posted by on January 2, 2015 in Economy with Julius


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