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One basic thing every man and even animals a times desire is love. At such you see efforts and attempts by people to be loved and even to love. Love is not just a word its a powerful tool that even the Bible regarded as the greatest. So what is love ?
Love has got so many definitions that we will not be outlining in this article but the basics of which ever definition you can ever find are the involvement of;
Affection (caring)
Sacrifice and
Endurance(ability to bear).
so you can choose to define love as a choice to care,sacrifice and bear. Coming back to our discussion , its obvious that every love that is devoid of these basic characteristics above can never be termed as true love.
We are in a generation where love has become a tool for exploitation and victimisation yet this very culprits indulging in this mischievous acts go about parading themselves as lovers. True love does not devalue its object or subject of attraction, true love improves and upgrades the lives involved. True love is not just a give and give story, true love is a simultaneous give and take Activity that covers all areas of life.
True love is not that one that always tells you your weakness like how you are so fat, so dumb,so quiet,so slow and lazy but never makes definite effort to improve you by acknowledging the potentials and possibilities embedded in you.
True love believes so much in your future and never capitalises on your past.
True love in terms of male-female relationship is patient and willing to wait until you are married before sex. True love is pure and believes all things.
There are so many other attributes of true love that I may not have mentioned but as you celebrate Valentine’s day today I would like you to cross check your self . Are you really exhibiting true love???
Remember love is a choice to care,bear and tend. Love is God! Happy Valentine’s day!!!!!!

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Nigeria will be What You Make It by CEO Ecolegend limited


Nigeria is a great country with so many
possibilities that may never be actualised until
sentiments and corruption is well rooted out.
The good news is that we are the primary
instruments of change as citizens so we have a
great role to play in making Nigeria the God’s
own country that it ought to be. Election period
is one of the avenue through which we can
exhibit our usefulness as instruments of
change. Let’s all rise in unity and vote our
choice leaders without sentiments and myopic
reasoning in an election process that’s devoid
of malpractice.
The future of Nigeria is in our Hands, so please
Vote wisely,vote rightly and vote as one.
Nigerian is what we make it!!!

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