Science Alert;Smokeless fuel

19 Apr


Smokeless fuel is the latest modern innovation in the solid fuel industry. It is any fuel which does not produce visible smoke when burned. To get smokeless fuel solid fuel is manufactured in such away that the smoke level is reduced, thus controlling the environmental hazards that could have resulted from its usage. Aside from the environmental importance which make smokeless fuel so popular, they are also better than the traditional solid fuels, and can help to save consumers money. Smokeless fuel last as much as 40% longer than coal,whilst producing 20% less CO2.
Smokeless fuel contains sufficient amount of carbon  thus are good for both open fires and closed appliances. Coal Products Ltd (CPL) smokeless fuels currently leads the market of smokeless fuel  because their smokeless fuels use natural binders to ensure that they are as kind as possible to the environment. Charcoal is one of the examples of smokeless fuel but wood is not a smokeless fuel.

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