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In discussing the above its critical to consider two basic concepts;
Mind – The mind is the faculty of consciousness and thought.
Temperament – Temperament is a person`s nature in terms of the effect it portrays on their behaviour. Temperament can also been seen as individual motivations and emotions which is considered to be the biological and physiological components of personality and also the sum total of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social dimensions of an individual. We have four basic temperament which are: The Sanguine (cheerful); The Choleric (irritable); The Melancholic (gloomy) and The Phlegmatic (apethetic)
These two concepts have their various effects on our healthy living, although the inter play of both are interwoven, and every actions displayed are products of the mind and by extension the temperament

Anger and Sadness

When you are sad or angry, better still when you allow yourself to get angry or sad your system releases adrenalin (i.e aggressive hormone) which makes your heart pumps faster than necessary and when that happens it over works the vein and causes it to die down. This leads to stroke and often times when in the state of anger your system releases an acid that burns the heart which most times results in ulcer or asthma. It suggests why most people who are always angry or sad fall victims of ulcer.
way out: Simply pray that God will help you to live in happiness with everybody and learn to develop positive attitude.

Mental Stress

This is the stress of the brain. The mind is located in the brain, you stress up your brain when you have a lot of issues bothering your mind e.g issues relating to your academics, marital relationship, family, your health etc. It results in mental stress. Also when things don’t work out the way you expect them to, this accounts for why most times you sleep and still wake up with headaches. Mental stress is worse than physical stress, when you are physically stressed up, you can rest and be refreshed but for mental stress, rest can hardly solve it.
Symptoms of mental stress
-Persistent migraine i.e aching on the forehead or one side of the head
-Aggressiveness: always angry with anything you come across
-Isolating yourself
-You see some people as the reason for your sadness.
-You feel most people hate you (your parents, brothers, sisters etc)
-You are sad and you can’t really figure out the cause of your sadness
Consequences of mental stress

-It reduces your efficiency: it deprives you of the ability to do what you originally knew how to do,

-It affects your relationship with people because you think they are the cause of your problem and when they greets you , you respond reluctantly and they see it as pride.

-It makes you lazy because you feel what you are doing is not yielding results , so it encourages procrastination and idleness.

-It reduces your ability to pray and equally meditate

Way Out
-Develop a personal relationship with God because He is the best companion and relax in Him when things are not ok, know that He is in control
– Always have the consciousness that tough times don`t last
-Always confide in trustworthy persons to share your problems with as a problem shared is a problem half solved, don`t die in silence.

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Its Ok to like, love and learn from great men but it is disastrous to end up becoming like them.

The best person you can ever be is you so don’t end up becoming a photocopy of an existing original just do you!
Julius Akubo

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