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“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
Maya Angelou
simple but necessary, make this weekend worthwhile by deliberately choosing to impact lives,Good morning!

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“l can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
Jimmy Dean
Don’t permit the things you can not do to prevent you from doing the things you can do,
Good morning.

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What About Unemployment? by Julius Akubo

Its actually simple but requires determination and focus. If only our graduates will recognize that they don’t have to wait for the government or the existing firms to become employed we would have less people complaining about unemployment in this generation.

In the first place why do people want to be employed if it is not basically for money and fulfilment? If that is the case,then the way out is simply to look for needs around us that we can solve. Once there is a need there is employment and all we have to do is simply find a way of meeting the needs at the lowest possible cost and we are already creating employment.

Who says u must start big? You know what, has it ever occurred to you that your mega business can be scaled down to the minimum cost? There is something you as a person can do that everybody needs Yes u may not have the capital but u have the market so,get the market to finance the business .

I once heard a great business guy said, he borrowed money from those he was going to sell to, just to start a business. It was actually from a mutual understanding.

Something like ” I know you need a plate of rice but you are not disposed to get a plate of rice and I am free so you give me the money for the plate of rice, a little commission and I will get you the plate of rice in no time ”

That’s an example of how you can simply make your market know their need as well as helping them get the need met at a cost.You are not a father Christmas and they know so you don’t expect them to object when you volunteer to give them what they need at a cost. What it means is that the basic thing here is to discover the need you can meet,

Yea you see, that we say you should start small does not necessarily mean you will start small,It simply means that you can survive and excel even with the smallest possible capital.

My candid advice for you is that you should always have the “model”of your desired business handy. That’s is to say be able to scale down your wild and great business idea as well as be able to scale it up as at when due.( don’t be too ambitious and don’t be too myopic )

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