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Don’t Fall In Love, Walk Into Love by Abiodun, Taiye Emmanuel >contact: +2348132967068

You will agree with me that the subject ‘love’ is such a universal thing, it’s so important that both young and old make use of this word and even seems to act on the word everyday. Love is one language that is being spoken and understood by the learned and unlearned, the rich and the poor, the heathy and the unhealthy, the young and the old.

It seems to me that LOVE is the essence of life. This then makes it imperative for us to understand Love based on Kingdom Principle. I like to define LOVE as the expression or transfer of Gods love you have received to others. ( Your spouse, friends, neighbours ).Ephesians 5:21-31 talking about husband and wife submitting to one another out of reverence for CHRIST. For wives it means submit to your husband as to the LORD and for Husbands it means love your wives as CHRIST loved the church. The center point is HOW CHRIST DID HIS.

These Are Some Kingdom Truths About Love:

> You don’t fall in love ( don’t wait for euphoric feelings) you walk into love ( be intentional)
> Love is far more of a Choice than feelings ( Decide to love, there is no one you can’t love )
>Love can always grow if you two commit to making it grow.

In as much as having a level of EUPHORIC feelings for someone you wish to marry is important, it does not mean you can’t also get married to him or her if you don’t have the feelings. Until you CHOOSE to love him/her and get INTENTIONAL with your love for him/ her, I don’t think you have started operating kingdom principle on love. Choose to love because you really want to.

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