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#RebuildingAncientRuins Choice Or Chemistry?

Have you ever said or heard someone say ” i would have proposed to her/ accepted his proposal if she was just a little bit taller, i wish she was dark in completion, I wish he is not as fat as that, it would have been so good if his Job is more lucrative. etc?

When you say/hear these statements, consciously or unconsciously such a person is taking CHEMISTRY (euphoric feelings) a priority over CHOICE ( deliberate, conscious decision to love) in his/her relationship. which could be a great disaster.

It simply means such a person finds it difficult to compromise on trivial ( not very important or serious) issues like height, weight, age, complexion, income, the list is endless.
But would rather compromise on great virtues such as integrity, kindness, a man/Lady with a God given vision, spirit controlled life style, even the witness of Gods approval you got about that person, in as much as the person meet up with your
Mundane standards.

You will hear such a person saying he/ she does not love him/ her just because the ” we click” feelings, the chemistry are not present.

You will appreciate it better if you know exactly the meaning of the two terms;

Choice simply means an option, an opportunity to choose or select something. Simply put, to choose to love your would be spouse.


Chemistry is said to be a complex emotion that two people get when they share a special connection. That feeling of “we click”. It’s described as the combination of love, lust& infatuation.

In the subsequent posts, i will be showing you from Ephesians 5:1 which says; “Imitate God therefore in everything you do because you are his dear children”,
That the Ancient Precept in relationship is choice ( choosing to love) first which then lead to chemistry ( the euphoric feelings) not vice versa.

Thanks so much for taking out time to read this post.

I love you deeply, I sincerely do.

Abiodun, Taiye Emmanuel

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