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#RebuildingAncientRuins! The Principle Of Compatibility by Taye Abiodun

As much as you can’t marry someone you don’t love which in the real sense there is no one you can’t love, I must say this very emphatically that:

1.Love is not enough reason to get married
2. Not loving him/ her is not also enough reason not to get married to.

I hope you are not confused by the above statements.

Just follow me closely, there are two Kingdom Principles that govern the above statements and these principles must not go against each other.

The first Principle is the PRINCIPLE OF AGAPE LOVE FOR ALL which says we should love each other as he (Christ ) loved us. John 13:34.
This makes it clear that there is no such thing as I “DON’T LOVE HIM/HER” but, applying this principle in your marital life without the second is not biblical. Therefore it’s imperative you understand the second principle.
THE PRINCIPLE OF COMPATIBILITY which is the ability to get along well, to come to terms or to a common resolve. ” Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? Amos 3:3″
Having obeyed the first principle you must apply the second principle, are you compatible in these four areas?
1. Religious belief: If you have accepted the life of Christ you must marry someone who has too. Even if you love him/ her and of course you should but does not have the nature of Christ, you can’t marry him/her.
2. Intellectual Compatibility: The reasoning ability of the two of them must not be too wide. I don’t mean level of education.
3. Social Status: One party must not believe he/she will only mange #100 on clothing while the other thinks #50 is even too much.
3. Cultural Background: Can you cope with the kind of husband/ wife he/ she has been raised to become.
I must tell you that compatibility does not mean similarity and you two can always compromise to apply the second principle to become compatible in 2,3 & 4 but in exemption of RELIGIOUS BELIEF of course. Your ability to find a leveled playing ground in 2, 3 & 4 when you two are compatible on 1 shows your level of maturity.
Thank you for taking out time to read. I love and value you greatly.

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What about Heartbreak by Favoured Adama

´╗┐The thing about heartbreak is that it will either weaken you or strengthen you. Not all of us are able to grow through what we go through. It takes time for your heart to loosen up its grip so you can let go of all the anger you have been carrying inside. It takes time allowing your heart and mind to be on the same page when you are trying to close a painful chapter in your life. You might not be able to see better days now when you are in the heat of what you are feeling but, they are coming. For me, a “closed chapter” always symbolized that a “new chapter” could begin to take place at the right time. It symbolized that I could be completely brand new all over again mentally, physically, emotionally and do things a lot differently. I guess what I’m trying to say is, your pain will not last forever. Don’t let one messed up chapter prevent you from writing the best parts of you book.

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What’s your Temperament? by Akubo Ojonugwa Julius, +2348069230929,

Probably you have met some people whose behaviours got you wondering why on earth a person could behave the way they did right? Yet you have also met some people who you wish to see again and again why?
So many reasons may be responsible, but a set out of the so many reasons attached to these complexities in personality are either your temperamental type issues or the second party’s temperamental type’s issue. Cumulatively we will say the set its actually a singular reason; temperament. Therefore your ability to recognise your temperament will help you understand the peculiarities attached to your personality.

What is Temperament?
The free dictionary defines temperament in a very concise way, “The manner of thinking, behaving, or reacting characteristic of a specific person”. These characteristics differs with different individuals but generally they are collectively divided into two broad groups (Extroverts and Introverts) which is further divided into four groups or types.
Types of Temperaments
As stated earlier they are two broad categories of temperaments which is divided into four basic types:
They are the easy going types and are energized by being around other people. Thus they can easily get bored when alone its believed that in this group we have:
1.The Sanguines.The basic distinguishing feature of this type of temperament is that they are optimistic and social.Sanguines are receptive and open to others and build relationships quickly. They smile and talk easily with less stress.Sanguine are so people-oriented thus never lack friends. Their attention span is based on whether or not they are interested in the person or event. They can easily switch their focus or interest in an instant. Rather negatively the Sanguines are competitive and tend to be disorganized. They usually have difficulty controlling their emotions. They like sports of any kind because of the activity and involvement with other people. The Sanguines fears rejection and also fear others viewing them as unsuccessful.

2.The Choleric. The choleric group are naturally short-tempered or easily irritable. They are self-confident, self-sufficient and very independent minded.They are decisive and opinionated thus find it very easy to make decisions for themselves as well as others. Cholerics hardly negotiates. They are visionaries thus seem to posses endless reservoir of ideas, plans and goals. Cholerics require very little sleep when compared with other temperaments thus can be regarded as workaholics. They are generally slow at building relationship with people because of their self-sufficient nature.

The people here are the practical opposites of the extroverts, they are better or energized by being alone. The introverts are very careful with speaking hence they think before they speak. They include:
3.The Melancholic. The people with this type of temperament are quiet and very analytical lets-do-it-right persons. They are reserved and suspicious until sure of your intentions. They often believe that there is a hidden meaning behind the words you speak to them.They are timid and may appear unsure and have a serious expression. They are self-sacrificing and sensitive to what others think about their work.Melancholics needs reassurance, feedback and reasons why they should do something. They often need information, time to think and a plan before taking any action. The Melancholics are often risk avoiders because of their fear of making a wrong
decision and being viewed as incompetent. They are resistant to new things until they have had time to think it over.They are very organized, creative and capable people but are also skeptical sets of persons. Melancholics tend to get bored with something once they get it figured out.
4.The Phlegmatic. This type of temperament is Synonymous with a relaxed and peaceful personality. They are unemotional, easygoing, and never-get-upset, persons. They are often slow and indirect when responding to people. They live a quiet, routine life, free of the normal anxieties and stresses of the other temperaments. The Phlegmatic prefers to avoid getting too involved with people and life in general. They rarely try to go out of the status quo to achieve anything, they just let it happen. They’d rather have just a few close friends that they will be very loyal to through thick and thin than to have lots of friends. The Phlegmatics are quite resistant to change of any kind without reason.Phlegmatics show little emotion and as much as possible avoid conflict and making decisions of any kind. They are practical thinkers with hidden feelings. Phlegmatics are persistent and
consistent at whatever they undertake.They are by far the easiest persons to get along with.
Having known this classification its important to figure out your particular temperament or “temperament conbinations”. This will enable you to best maximise or manage your temperament(s) in practical issues like your career and relationships.
For instance its not always easy for two extroverts to blend together perfectly because they will be having a situation of “everyone talking with nobody to listening”. Also two introverts especially melancholics in a relationship may in no short time get tired of their relationship as a result of boredom. This instances are not binding as people could grow to surpress their particular temperaments. Nevertheless it does not entail that they loose that particular temperaments as its part of their compositions as a human being.
In the case of work and occupation its observed that introverts do better in jobs that has less to do with associating with people like research while the extroverts are directly opposite. But just as it is with relationships its possible to have an introvert doing so well in comedy and an extrovert doing well in research its just an issue of determination, discipline and more especially the help of God.
So what’s your TEMPERAMENT?

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FROM A LOVERS VIEW! By Deborah Haruna

What is love?
Before I got a bit of an understanding about love, I just thought love was only a boy girl thing. I thought it only existed between a husband and his wife. Sometimes when my siblings annoyed me at home, I would get so angry and would think that I hated them most in the world. Other times when they would act so nice to me, I felt as though they were the only persons I loved on earth.
  When u examine this scenario you would just understand that this kind of love i thought I had was conditional as it was built on some conditions. Something for something kind of of love. I wasn’t really being different from a normal human being. You know its normal for humans to only profess love to someone they know they can benefit from either materially or otherwise.


   As I kept growing I got to discover an unconditional love from a guy, ok no no no , a man cause he is an uncommon man. I have enjoyed his love and I am still enjoying it.Just listen to our love story.
    This man had been disturbing me for a very long time, I mean like forever. I knew him while growing up as someone my parents and siblings adored. I just felt they talked about him a lot and it even annoyed me sometimes. Funny enough, this guy followed me everywhere, I mean it became very irritating.
  Growing up as younger girl devoid of any consequences for my actions, I went about many exploits. This boy would warn me of soo many bad decision, but I felt I needed to experience things on my own( you know I needed some space to breath). Sometimes I listened to his advice, others I ignored and faced the consequences.
  This boy grew into a man and started asking me out. He said he loved me and he would do anything for me if only I gave my heart to him. Believe me, I tried warding him off both with my words and actions. But he never left me. He even told me that my body soul and spirit belonged to him. He felt bad most of the time when I defiled this body cause he was always monitoring me, it was that serious. He never stopped disturbing me even for a day. He was like a thorn in my flesh. I really tried ignoring him but he is always in my face, in my head and in my heart. I later discovered that they was no escape from him.
    Finally i discovered that I was also in love with him, yeaa. I felt it everywhere I went, in my body my heart and soul. I knew I had fallen hard
   Our relationship has been wonderful ever since I finally gave him a yes. I had told him I would give him my all, but I didn’t do that. I was selfish, unfaithful, I couldn’t just let it all go to one person. I knew he loved me more than I did him. Maybe that’s why I take advantage of that love most of the time. We fight most of the time because of my selfish attitude, I have really tried to change, but its so hard. Anyway the good news is that he has promised to help me love him, although he keeps saying that I would have to love him deliberately and that I should put deliberate effort to show my love for him. I am at peace with myself because I know he will forever Love me. To tell you the truth falling in love with him has thought me that love isn’t just in words but in actions of sacrifice built on a deliberate desire to care ,bear and tend. Hope you are loving for the right reasons.
  I think is time I introduce him to you…. His name is JESUS.. HE ALONE IS MY ONE TRUE LOVE .
          So, if you ask me what love is, I would say love is God who came in the person of Jesus Christ. Guess what? he loves you too.Happy valentines day.

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The Aftermath of Public Borrowing


Most underdeveloped and developing countries of the world depend on external sources like loans from the IMF, world bank and other financial institutions for the efficient financing of their budgets. This dependence accumulate to become what is known as debt.Debt is that part of a nations finance that was acquired from external sources based on stated agreements. The degree of dependency on foreign support however differs if it were to be measured across the various developing countries. That is to say some countries are more dependent on foreign support than others. This support comes in form of either grants or loans for running their domestic expenses such as infrastructural development, job creations and even for the payment of salaries amongst other reasons. Of cause the fact that so many countries for genuine reasons may need to rely on foreign support is not the quagmire in this work. The problem is rather a question as to what eventually becomes the effect of the debt on the entire economy.
Billions of Naira have being borrowed by Nigeria for instance between the period of 1958 till date in terms of either grants or loans by either the foreign administrators or the indegenious administrarors that later emerged.The debt incurred over the years though possesses a lot of advantages also have some negative aftermath. For every country that borrows , there is bound to be an increase in their foreign debt stock which without doubt may tend to reduce the credibility of such a nation for subsequent borrowing.This because of the perception that the borrowing nation may not be able to repay due to already existing debts.
The debt servicing burden is also an issue that could end up frustrating the essense for which debt was originally incured by a nation. The fact that the resources that is spent on servicing debt would have being used to finance some other important Projects in the country makes the debt servicing burden an unpleasant aftermath.
Another issue that may arise from public debt or borrowing is the fact that it may lead to surplus money in the economy thereby leading to capital flight which may discourage domestic private investment. The surplus funds in the economy encourages people to engage in more of importation than exportation.
I hereby wish to recommend that other methods of raising finances like effective taxation policy be adapted by the government as against the venture of borrowing.
Secondly if borrowing must be undertaken by any government, it should be based on the fact that there is obviously no other feasible alternative.
And finally if borrowing must be taken, effective measures (disciplined administration) must be ensured to manage and reduce the negative aftermaths of borrowing.
Written by
Julius Ojonugwa Akubo

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Watch “Could this be true?” on YouTube

Could this be true?:

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Exchange Rates

Geographically people are located at different locations of the world hence the existence of various distinguishing mediums such as currencies, dressings, cultures and even business activities. Over the years the increasing insatiable human needs accompanied by geographical limitations has brought about the need for some form of ‘inter-trade”amongst this various geographic locations. For effective trade to exist therefore, there was need for an exchange rate to ensure equality in the transactions.
What is Exchange rate?
‘ Exchange Rate ‘ is the price of a nation’s currency in terms of another currency. It is the equivalence or worth of a nations currency when compared to another country’s currency. This means that exchange rate has two components, the domestic currency and a foreign currency. It can be quoted either directly or indirectly.
Devaluation and Depreciation of Exchange rate

A devaluation is when a country deliberately decides to lower its exchange rate in a fixed or semi fixed exchange rate based on a particular policy while depreciation is said to occur when there is a fall in the value of a currency in a floating exchange rate.It is purely a function of supply and demand side factors and not a government oriented decision aside from if the government chose to sell plenty of their currency.
Its pertinent to note that devaluation of currency could overtime result in the depreciation of such a currency. Nigeria for example devalued her currency and has adversely resulted in the depreciation of the Naira.
Implications of Exchange rate
The existence of an exchange rate could be an advantage or a disadvantage to a country depending on the economic activities and policies existing in such a country. Its necessary to know that the exchange rate of a particular currency could either fall or appreciate depending on the demand for that particular currency. Back to the implications; Owing to the fact that most economies are opened economy that involves importation and exportation of goods and services either as raw materials or finished products, a fall (devaluation or depreciation) in a local currency should originally boost exports as well as the National income. This is because exports becomes relatively cheaper when compared to imports as such foreigners are motivated to purchase the goods from the exporting country.
Also a rise (appreciation) in the value of a local currency discourages exports and promotes imports. The reason behind this is not far fetched as the foreign goods becomes cheaper compared to local goods and services.
This same principle applies to investments in securities in either a case of depreciation or appreciation of currency.
WHAT TO NOTE: Devaluation and deprecation only becomes benefiting to a nation if such a nation engages in gross production and exporting activities. It then means that for a nation that does not engage in production activities and apparently exportation activities, a case of devaluation and depreciation becomes very detremental.
Conclusively,exchange rate exists between countries. And it appreciate and depreciate depending on the demand for currency.
Written by Julius O. Akubo,

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