FROM A LOVERS VIEW! By Deborah Haruna

14 Feb

What is love?
Before I got a bit of an understanding about love, I just thought love was only a boy girl thing. I thought it only existed between a husband and his wife. Sometimes when my siblings annoyed me at home, I would get so angry and would think that I hated them most in the world. Other times when they would act so nice to me, I felt as though they were the only persons I loved on earth.
  When u examine this scenario you would just understand that this kind of love i thought I had was conditional as it was built on some conditions. Something for something kind of of love. I wasn’t really being different from a normal human being. You know its normal for humans to only profess love to someone they know they can benefit from either materially or otherwise.


   As I kept growing I got to discover an unconditional love from a guy, ok no no no , a man cause he is an uncommon man. I have enjoyed his love and I am still enjoying it.Just listen to our love story.
    This man had been disturbing me for a very long time, I mean like forever. I knew him while growing up as someone my parents and siblings adored. I just felt they talked about him a lot and it even annoyed me sometimes. Funny enough, this guy followed me everywhere, I mean it became very irritating.
  Growing up as younger girl devoid of any consequences for my actions, I went about many exploits. This boy would warn me of soo many bad decision, but I felt I needed to experience things on my own( you know I needed some space to breath). Sometimes I listened to his advice, others I ignored and faced the consequences.
  This boy grew into a man and started asking me out. He said he loved me and he would do anything for me if only I gave my heart to him. Believe me, I tried warding him off both with my words and actions. But he never left me. He even told me that my body soul and spirit belonged to him. He felt bad most of the time when I defiled this body cause he was always monitoring me, it was that serious. He never stopped disturbing me even for a day. He was like a thorn in my flesh. I really tried ignoring him but he is always in my face, in my head and in my heart. I later discovered that they was no escape from him.
    Finally i discovered that I was also in love with him, yeaa. I felt it everywhere I went, in my body my heart and soul. I knew I had fallen hard
   Our relationship has been wonderful ever since I finally gave him a yes. I had told him I would give him my all, but I didn’t do that. I was selfish, unfaithful, I couldn’t just let it all go to one person. I knew he loved me more than I did him. Maybe that’s why I take advantage of that love most of the time. We fight most of the time because of my selfish attitude, I have really tried to change, but its so hard. Anyway the good news is that he has promised to help me love him, although he keeps saying that I would have to love him deliberately and that I should put deliberate effort to show my love for him. I am at peace with myself because I know he will forever Love me. To tell you the truth falling in love with him has thought me that love isn’t just in words but in actions of sacrifice built on a deliberate desire to care ,bear and tend. Hope you are loving for the right reasons.
  I think is time I introduce him to you…. His name is JESUS.. HE ALONE IS MY ONE TRUE LOVE .
          So, if you ask me what love is, I would say love is God who came in the person of Jesus Christ. Guess what? he loves you too.Happy valentines day.

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