What’s your Temperament? by Akubo Ojonugwa Julius, +2348069230929,

25 Feb

Probably you have met some people whose behaviours got you wondering why on earth a person could behave the way they did right? Yet you have also met some people who you wish to see again and again why?
So many reasons may be responsible, but a set out of the so many reasons attached to these complexities in personality are either your temperamental type issues or the second party’s temperamental type’s issue. Cumulatively we will say the set its actually a singular reason; temperament. Therefore your ability to recognise your temperament will help you understand the peculiarities attached to your personality.

What is Temperament?
The free dictionary defines temperament in a very concise way, “The manner of thinking, behaving, or reacting characteristic of a specific person”. These characteristics differs with different individuals but generally they are collectively divided into two broad groups (Extroverts and Introverts) which is further divided into four groups or types.
Types of Temperaments
As stated earlier they are two broad categories of temperaments which is divided into four basic types:
They are the easy going types and are energized by being around other people. Thus they can easily get bored when alone its believed that in this group we have:
1.The Sanguines.The basic distinguishing feature of this type of temperament is that they are optimistic and social.Sanguines are receptive and open to others and build relationships quickly. They smile and talk easily with less stress.Sanguine are so people-oriented thus never lack friends. Their attention span is based on whether or not they are interested in the person or event. They can easily switch their focus or interest in an instant. Rather negatively the Sanguines are competitive and tend to be disorganized. They usually have difficulty controlling their emotions. They like sports of any kind because of the activity and involvement with other people. The Sanguines fears rejection and also fear others viewing them as unsuccessful.

2.The Choleric. The choleric group are naturally short-tempered or easily irritable. They are self-confident, self-sufficient and very independent minded.They are decisive and opinionated thus find it very easy to make decisions for themselves as well as others. Cholerics hardly negotiates. They are visionaries thus seem to posses endless reservoir of ideas, plans and goals. Cholerics require very little sleep when compared with other temperaments thus can be regarded as workaholics. They are generally slow at building relationship with people because of their self-sufficient nature.

The people here are the practical opposites of the extroverts, they are better or energized by being alone. The introverts are very careful with speaking hence they think before they speak. They include:
3.The Melancholic. The people with this type of temperament are quiet and very analytical lets-do-it-right persons. They are reserved and suspicious until sure of your intentions. They often believe that there is a hidden meaning behind the words you speak to them.They are timid and may appear unsure and have a serious expression. They are self-sacrificing and sensitive to what others think about their work.Melancholics needs reassurance, feedback and reasons why they should do something. They often need information, time to think and a plan before taking any action. The Melancholics are often risk avoiders because of their fear of making a wrong
decision and being viewed as incompetent. They are resistant to new things until they have had time to think it over.They are very organized, creative and capable people but are also skeptical sets of persons. Melancholics tend to get bored with something once they get it figured out.
4.The Phlegmatic. This type of temperament is Synonymous with a relaxed and peaceful personality. They are unemotional, easygoing, and never-get-upset, persons. They are often slow and indirect when responding to people. They live a quiet, routine life, free of the normal anxieties and stresses of the other temperaments. The Phlegmatic prefers to avoid getting too involved with people and life in general. They rarely try to go out of the status quo to achieve anything, they just let it happen. They’d rather have just a few close friends that they will be very loyal to through thick and thin than to have lots of friends. The Phlegmatics are quite resistant to change of any kind without reason.Phlegmatics show little emotion and as much as possible avoid conflict and making decisions of any kind. They are practical thinkers with hidden feelings. Phlegmatics are persistent and
consistent at whatever they undertake.They are by far the easiest persons to get along with.
Having known this classification its important to figure out your particular temperament or “temperament conbinations”. This will enable you to best maximise or manage your temperament(s) in practical issues like your career and relationships.
For instance its not always easy for two extroverts to blend together perfectly because they will be having a situation of “everyone talking with nobody to listening”. Also two introverts especially melancholics in a relationship may in no short time get tired of their relationship as a result of boredom. This instances are not binding as people could grow to surpress their particular temperaments. Nevertheless it does not entail that they loose that particular temperaments as its part of their compositions as a human being.
In the case of work and occupation its observed that introverts do better in jobs that has less to do with associating with people like research while the extroverts are directly opposite. But just as it is with relationships its possible to have an introvert doing so well in comedy and an extrovert doing well in research its just an issue of determination, discipline and more especially the help of God.
So what’s your TEMPERAMENT?

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