31 Mar


Almost if not everybody desires to be rich,successful and happy so to be candid, I wonder why people  do drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and the likes knowing quite well that drugs can’t offer any of these three. Research shows that over 23 million Americans are addicts and the 2015 World Drug Report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) estimated that a total of 246 million people -slightly over 5 per cent of those aged 15 to 64 years worldwide used illicit drugs. The statistics is really alarming and calls for an urgent attention. Probably this people had no knowledge of the negative effects of drug abuse or they chose not to considered the effects. I shall be outlining seven reasons why you shouldn’t do drugs perhaps they could be of help to you or someone you know.


1. Drugs multiplies instead of Solving Problems. Most times people venture into drug abuse with the mindset that it helps them solve or forget their problems and issues like stress from work, family or marital issues, confidence issues just to mention a few. But as time goes on it becomes glaring that they are “not eating their cake and they are not having it”.The problems seat there waiting for them to be restored to their normal state. unfortunately at this stage they have the problem to face probably bigger than it was, and they have the drug abuse issues to battle with. You can’t be high on drugs all the time so, they will always be a time for you to suffer the emotional and physical trauma you were trying to avoid wrongly. Stop being a coward and face your problems squarely instead of trying to stick to what will only mask them for a while.
2.It Kills “You” and all you stand for. Probably you should be familiar with this statement that “the best person you can ever be is you”?  Drugs deceives you into behaving and acting like the person you are not. It gives you a false identity of yourself and makes your real identity look bad and unfit whereas we said the best person you can be is you. Drugs blocks your reasoning capacity and just like cataracts it impairs your mental vision. So in simple words drugs kills the real you and offers a temporary lie as a life.
3 Drugs weakens you economically. We could say that any expenditure that does not add to your finance is probably killing your economic life. Drugs doesn’t probably, it actually weakens and kills your economic growth. Most of the drugs taken by addicts are alarmingly expensive yet they are not careful enough to observe the continuous holes made by the the purchase of drugs on their savings and income. Why not save your money for better investments, drugs are not going to help you economically.
4 It kills your relationships. Most drug addicts find it difficult to associate and relate well with people. This is because they either feel unfit or the people around them are too scared to relate with them. So in other words it makes people unwittingly reserved. Life is really boring without friends and families to associate with and that’s what drugs achieve (relationship killer).You need people so stop sending them away.
5.It attacks your Health. This is one of the most painful part of doing drugs. After a long time of taking drugs, your immune system becomes weak thus making you more susceptible to frequent illness. Health is wealth don’t risk it on drugs.
6.Its a crime that often leads to other crimes. The fact is that, aside from few places like Washington amongst others its illegal to be in possession of drugs. This illegality is why people are arrested when found to be having drugs in their possession. Aside from that, drug addicts are prone to committing other crimes like rape,rubbery, and thuggery. This they do most times as a result of the influence of drugs.
7. Its a sin . The Bible stated clearly that he who knows what to do(good) but refuses to do it, to such a person its a sin. Having read all the other reasons stated earlier you need not be told that drug abuse and addiction is not good. It’s time you quit doing drugs cause its so not good for you.
Yes probably you are an addict already, I have good news for you. It can become a thing of the past. Just be determined to change and with that determination try to meet an expert for help. Seriously suggesting Jesus to you, he will help so well.
Written by
Julius Ojonugwa Akubo

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