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Value Misplamenet

With every passing day in life the disparity between people increases. We say some are rich, some are highly placed, some are always succeeding and all the positive things you can think about in life. Yet we have a higher number of people making up the population of the other extreme of poverty, failure, neglects and regrets. What’s responsible for these disparities? Brian Tracy a top management consultant wrote in his book Goals that “the major difference between the successful and unsuccessful is that the successful people are always working on tasks of high value while the unsuccessful people are always killing time on tasks of low value”.


Apostle Paul also wrote that “all things are good but not all things are expedient”. A large percentage of the world’s population has become guilty of what I will refer to as a situation of being “busy doing nothing” hence the continuous increasing disparity in the standard of living and life in general. Your ability to distinguish between important and unimportant activities in life will definitely be a plause to you if you actually learnt it well.
You can’t keep doing the same old thing and expect the result to be different. I will just remind you of what you may have already known, maybe it will help you change your priorities in life. Time is the most limited resources available to man but it takes an intelligent person to accept that fact. Thus you must learn to reorganize all your activities on a scale of ;


Necessary and Urgent
Necessary but not urgent
Not necessary but urgent
Not necessary not urgent
Necessary and urgent activities are those activities that a failure to carry them out at the particular point will cost both your present and future greatly. Most often their consequences are great and hard to bear. For example as a student you were given an assignment to work on and submit the next day yet you have a friend you haven’t visited in a while that you would like to do some catching up with. One of this two activities is Necessary and urgent whereas the other is necessary yet not urgent.
Necessary but not urgent activities are activities with some measure of importance but with little and correctable consequences attached to a failure to do them like the situation of visiting a friend I earlier mentioned.
Not necessary but Urgent activities are activities with no consequences attached to a failure to do them yet are very pressing and attention demanding. Activities such as picking a call while in the office and even responding to a chat while in a meeting but to mention a few.
Not necessary Not urgent activities are activities that have no consequences whatsoever attached to the failure to do them neither is it in any way pressing. For example fighting,telling a lie sleeping on duty,watching a movie when you have an exam but to mention a few.
The fact is that all activities become necessary or unnecessary depending on the time of occurrence. What I intend to achieve from this write up is to help you see the need to invest your time, resources and energy on ventures that are profiting and productive. I often say to myself that life has no part two but one thing I know is that life is full of seasons.
Needful:Focus your resources on activities, ventures and investments that are necessary and urgent, following it up with those that are necessary but not urgent and try as much as possible to avoid the activities that are not necessary irrespective of their urgencies.
Written by:
Akubo O. Julius

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