The Right Time to start is Now!

09 Sep

I have had scenerioes when I wanted to do somethings, take a step, say a word, take an action but ended up procrastinating and the reward of procrastination as you know is never funny. Then I discovered that I was not the only one practicing this mischievous act.


I even discovered that some people kept practicing this destiny killer down to their dying bed. I am only happy that I have learnt to let go of this mischief hence the reason for this essay.
Most people ended up as failures not because there had no destiny or a mapped out strategy to that destiny but that they kept on waiting for an illusionary time where all things will be very favourable and conducive to start. Of cause the place of waiting can never be downsided but that’s not a license for anyone not to fulfil their God given destiny. I have discovered that most people who claim to be waiting are only delaying just because of the fear of failure. Some modify that fear by saying they are yet to get the resources they need to start that business,vision,relationship and what have you. Its funny that some men will never get married because they are waiting for that time when their bank account is as fat as an elephant to settle down. I am not in any way saying that you should run into marriage without some sought of income outlets but its very crucial to decide never to let money be a hindrances to your fulfilling purpose.
Why do people fail to start?
Some valid reasons responsible for the delays in destiny fulfilment includes:
1. The unwillingness to start small. Every body wants to be recognized for mega exploits, record breaking activities amongst so many other intriguing ventures hence are never humble enough to remember that Rome was not built in one day. Look even Jesus said that you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem first then Judea, then Samaria and to the ends of the world. Life is in stages thus must be handled per stage. Since you are so desperate to start from the top please tell me where will you end? Please know that every dream and vision has a foundation so locate your foundation and start from there.
2. Unwillingness to take calculated risk. Most failures in life are risk averters. They are so careful with every thing that carefully become a hindrance to their destiny. You can’t fulfil destiny if you are not a risk taker. Someone once said life itself is a risk. All you need do is to just be careful enough to take calculated risk but even at that be able to make what you believe come to pass. Risk averters are in the same school of thought with people who lack faith.
3. Fear of failure. This is the most prominent of them all. The fear of being ridiculed by friends and family in events of probably a fall has being one of the greatest reason behind some peoples failure to fulfil destiny. A fall as a wise man will say is never considered as failure until you fail to rise or find someone to blame for your fall. Learning to maximize your fear for failure by converting it into a hate for failure will inspire you into working very hard to keep it far from you. But should it occur, your hatred for it (not fear) will spur you to locate good and sound ways out of the failure faster.
4.wrong association. The factor called wrong association is one of the greatest reasons why people fail to start. Destruction is an inevitable event for a man whose association is with the class of relationship categorised as the fools (Proverb 13:20). The influence exerted by association greatly affects your starting or never starting. Man is a product of association hence must be diligent enough to ensure that each relationship initiated is for the good of the parties involved and not just a single individual.
5.Lack of knowledge. Ignorance in this context is your inability to perceive,understand or discern what to do with and in a situation at a particular time. Most people have not started a business, a relationship, a family, a job or what have you because they feel they don’t know how or actually don’t know how. The cure to this is studying which seems to have become an herculean task to so many people today. Paul speaking Timothy says, “study to show thyself approved a workman that needed not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth.”  Ignorance will keep you stagnated forever until you have decided to learn. Wake up!
6. Distance from God. “Its foolishness not to follow the man who knows the way to where you want to go but know not the way.” He  regulates time hence knows not just the time for what but also knows the “how”. Still speaking as Jesus, he says I am the way the truth and the life. How will you ever start when you have chosen to be far from the grand author. He is the only one who can teach you the way to go and engrace you to go. Its more than just a statement but to start, succeed and end well, you need Jesus.
The reasons outlined above are some of the key reasons responsible for self inflicted delays in fulfilling destiny. Which are you exhibiting, get it done with now cause time isn’t waiting for you. To do that you must;
1. Be willing to start
2. Give your life to Christ genuinely and permit him to lead you through his spirit.
3. Deal with your fears
4. Take calculative steps
5. Be willing to try again and again. Its better you try and fall than never to try at all. That’s not to say you should fail learn to learn from your mistakes. God bless you.
Written by:
Akubo O. Julius

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