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​On Herald this week is …..

Margrate Thatcher 

A prolific politician who rose from the grassroot of politics to the topmost part of her political career.Margrate Hildar Roberts was born on the 13th of October 1925 at Grantham, Lincolnshire.Margaret won a scholarship to the local Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, where she became head-girl. She applied to Somerville College, Oxford university, and was accepted to study chemistry in 1943. While studying at Oxford, she was elected President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1946. She graduted from 0xford in 1947 with second class honours. After graduating, she moved to Colchester, where she worked as a research chemist for BX Plastics. In 1951 margrate got married to Denis Thatcher and their union was blessed with two twins Carol and Denis in 1953. Optimistically her political career started in 1951 when she was invited to stand as the Conservative candidate in the safe Labour seat of Dartford. “Although she lost, she impressed many in the party with her strong, articulate views”. In 1959, Mrs Thatcher was elected as a member of the parliament (MP) for the seat of Finchley. Progressively she glided through the ranks of the Conservative party to become Education minister. By 1975 Margret Thatcher had defeated Edward Heath and was elected leader of the Conservative Party. This victory automatically made her the leader of the Opposition. The Apex of Thatcher’s political career came to play when she was elected Prime Minister in the Conservative landslide of 1979. Mrs Thatcher wasted no time in introducing controversial economic policies. She believed that a strict implementation of Monetarism was necessary to overcome the economic ills of inflation and low growth, which she blamed on the previous Labour government. Although successful Margret Thatcher was extremely strict,fierce in her beliefs and unwavering in her commitment which though productive had some negative impart on her political career.Her premiership years were later overshadowed by her controversial and dogmatic decision to stick with the poll tax. This was widely regarded as an unfair tax because everybody paid the same amount regardless of income. Opposition to the poll tax spilled over into violent protest and her popularity plumped drastically. She also became associated with policies that promoted individualism. 

The “Iron Lady” as she was called was eventually pushed out as leader of the party and prime minister in 1990. Although she was bitter about her perceived betrayal, she left an unprecedented mark on the British economic and political landscape. Margrate Thatcher died on 8 April 2013 at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke.

Moral Lesson

Margret Thatcher is an example of a continuous and consistent growth and if there is one basic thing to learn from Mrs Thatcher it is the fact that just like herself we must always gun for the peak of our career and God ordained purpose. Don’t be contempted with temporary success. Keep growing.

Finally learn to weigh your actions, consider their implications and be sure you are ready for the results or repacautions before taking them.

Once again its Herald with Julius O. Akubo on Treasure network. Catch you next week.

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Temi-T Heart Clinic

You are welcome back from the brake, It’s still Temi-T Heart clinic,  according to Do you want happiness? The answer to that question is an obvious yes. Guess what? Money can increase your happiness. So many people do not agree that money can buy you happiness. This is not entirely true. Money cannot give happiness, but it can increase the level of happiness that people have.

A father, who is a happy person by nature, will be even happier if he can send his children to good schools and give them good clothes, whereas the father, who cannot do the same for his children, over time will become a depressed person who looks at life in general with a big frown. So many cases abound of families who have been torn apart because of money, where relationships dissolved because of money, and this is not because the persons involved are so materialistic.

Nigerian men, for example, think that most women are materialistic, money hungry goblins, but the truth is that most women just want their basic needs to be met. How do you show your love to a woman with just words? Love is giving, and the only way to do that is by being able to provide for her. No father will willingly give his daughter in marriage to a man with no prospects for the future. Even a man will feel bad about himself, if he is not well-dressed, and if he does not stand out among his contemporaries that are looking good.

Give the man a choice between a well-dressed lady and a rag-wearing lady, and he will pick the well-dressed lady any day. It takes money to dress well, eat well, speak well and get knowledge (education). So, it is a wonder when men say that women like money too much; when they themselves cannot do without it. According to an article on the Yahoo website, money can buy you happiness in eight ways; 

it can help you buy time with your loved ones (hiring helps to do the chores, while you spend time with your loved ones), buy you wonderful

presents, take you on vacation, buy the latest technology gadgets, get a new car, and buy a treadmill or sneakers

9 simple ways to avoid money fights in your relationship

Written by Dr. Patty Ann,

 Romantic relationships are a partnership of two people who have decided to share in the joys and sorrows of a committed life together. Married couples take the vows: “For better or worse, for richer or poorer” – Stop right there. People say vows similar to the ones just written, but do we really mean them? – especially, the part about “for richer or poorer”! Even though we say these words – if we are totally honest with ourselves, we really mean: “but I hope it’s for richer”. Common sense dictates that no one in his or her right mind would want to be poor. I mean honestly, getting rich is a want for everyone.

The following are some simple ways or guidelines for handling money issues throughout your relationship, so you don’t have to end up fighting about money. Consider these guidelines to be your relationship tools for keeping the spark alive, whether you are dealing with the “richer” or “poorer” times in your relationship.

1 – Know thyself. Be aware of what money really represents to you (this might require a little bit of soul searching here) – and do not impose your attitudes and beliefs about money onto your partner.

2 – Know what money really represents to your partner. And don’t try to convince them that they should be more like you! (I know you know what I mean).

3 – Communicate your individual attitudes and values about money to each other so you develop a joint strategy you are both comfortable with.

Think of this as your financial blueprint for relationship harmony! Develop a clear, concise plan for how you use your money; that is, how you spend it, and how you save it. If you happen to come into a financial windfall – an inheritance or you hit the lottery (hey, somebody has to win) – discuss and develop a strategy for how you will use that money. Money that people “fall” into is often the start of a very slippery slope for the unravelling of relationships if plans for these monies are not discussed. This is why you need to be very clear on guideline number three folks!

4 – When you find you are at a crossroads when it comes to money issues, clearly communicate your differences to each other, using respect as your baseline. This will avoid all the finger pointing, blaming and accusations inherent in the following statements: “You don’t care how I feel about blah, blah, blah when it comes to spending money” etc., etc., etc.

5 – When differences regarding financial decisions come up (and they will), respect these differences without accusing the other of being cheap, irresponsible or spending money like it is going out of style. Doing this will keep the issue focused on the differences regarding the finances and avoid the pitfall of entering the dead man’s zone of character assassination!

6 – Keep money in its proper perspective in your relationship.

7 – Money does not define your relationship or your love for each other. Do not allow money to come between the two of you. Keep your love and respect for each other at the core of your relationship and defend this love at all costs.

8 – Love is the platform whereby all financial decisions will be made – “in good times and in bad, for richer for poorer”.

9 – Make no mistake about it; money is an absolute necessity in life. If we use love as our platform and respect as our baseline, money will have its appropriate place in our relationship. Although all differences regarding the handling of money might not always be reconciled, we will at least be able to “agree to disagree” respectfully, regarding money issues.

In conclusion, money is vital in every relationship but it should not be the major determinant for the success of our relationship, love is the most but money should also have It’s place because both parties have a responsibility to be financially committed to the growth of the relationship.  So my wonderful people, on this note we call it a day, please you can send in topics you want us to address or relationship issues that are pressing  . See you next time,  I remain Temi-Tope

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#Temi-T Heart Clinic: 

Hello my wonderful audience, you are welcome to yet another edition of your number one relationship program “Temi-T Heart clinic”. This is a program designed to give answers and solution to all relationship issues, my name is Temi-Tope, and i am you anchor on the program. Today’s edition promises to be very interesting as we will be looking at a very critical topic “The Place of Money in a Relationship”, kindly start sending in your comments and contributions, i will be back shortly please stay with us ,  i will be right back

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In time past,even of recent Nigerian woman have been known as fashion icons both in traditional attire and foreign wears. We are always ready to show case our beauty our pride, our fashion sense,this makes African women to standout wherever they are around the world. But one thing has being key, Modesty and decency

Are these two factors (modesty and decency) still visible today in women dressing?

catch you next week.

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On Heralds we shall be learning from the lives of icons who imparted the past, icons who are imparting the present, and if Possible upcoming icons who will hopefully impart the future.

Today on Herald is……

John Davidson Rockfeller

John was born on the 8th of July 1839 to the William Rockefeller’s family. Though born into a family where the mother was religious yet having a “dubious” doctor as a father, John turned out a great christian whose religious lifestyle has become a notable example to many christian business men of the now. At age 12 (1851) John had successfully saved up to $50 which he loaned to a local farmer at a 7% interest rate payable in 1year. Little wonder why he died a billioniare. At age 16 he got his first job as a cleark and by 19 he started his first partnership with a friend. John is the founder of standard oil He is infact regarded as the wealthiest  American that has ever lived. John died on may 23rd 1937

Moral lesson: John didn’t become a billioniar at age 90 or at death, he became a billionair right from when he started living a life of purpose which in this case is in the business world. He understood what was ahead of him no matter how faint it seemed else he would never have thought of saving at little age. 

What are you called to do and what steps are you taking towrads that call of purpose you have recieved? Start taking the practical steps of faith now.

Its being Herald with Julius O. Akubo on Treasure network. Catch you same time next week God bless you. 

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Treasure Magazine volume 5.

Persistence and undying passion has kept us going in our contribution to your mental and psychological development. 

Bringing up soon is the latest edition of Treasure Magazine; volume 5.It promises to be great.

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​In our endless attempt to give you the best of media we shall be adding another weekly post  to the ones already on board. This one is  titled



coming up every Monday by 5pm.

get to see and learn from icons from the past, present and future on #heralds  every week.

Happy new week!

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