20 Feb


On Heralds we shall be learning from the lives of icons who imparted the past, icons who are imparting the present, and if Possible upcoming icons who will hopefully impart the future.

Today on Herald is……

John Davidson Rockfeller

John was born on the 8th of July 1839 to the William Rockefeller’s family. Though born into a family where the mother was religious yet having a “dubious” doctor as a father, John turned out a great christian whose religious lifestyle has become a notable example to many christian business men of the now. At age 12 (1851) John had successfully saved up to $50 which he loaned to a local farmer at a 7% interest rate payable in 1year. Little wonder why he died a billioniare. At age 16 he got his first job as a cleark and by 19 he started his first partnership with a friend. John is the founder of standard oil He is infact regarded as the wealthiest  American that has ever lived. John died on may 23rd 1937

Moral lesson: John didn’t become a billioniar at age 90 or at death, he became a billionair right from when he started living a life of purpose which in this case is in the business world. He understood what was ahead of him no matter how faint it seemed else he would never have thought of saving at little age. 

What are you called to do and what steps are you taking towrads that call of purpose you have recieved? Start taking the practical steps of faith now.

Its being Herald with Julius O. Akubo on Treasure network. Catch you same time next week God bless you. 

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