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On Herald this week is …..

Folorunsho Alakija

A Baroness whose life growth so far, can be referred to as a “grace to grace growth model“. She was born to a wealthy family at Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria on the 15th of July 1951. She is the second surviving child of her father Chief L.A.Ogbara. At age seven she and her sister Doyin were sent to Northern Wales for their primary education but returned 4 years later based on the desire of their parents for the girls to maintain their African culture, traditions and values.Folorunsho started her career in 1974 as an executive secretary at Sijuade Enterprises, Lagos, Nigeria. In 1976 Folorunsho got married to her loving lawyer husband Modupe Alakija, a marriage that has being blessed with four handsome men. She had learnt fabric merchanting from her mother at a young age hence the push behind her travelling abroad United Kingdom to be precised, to study fashion design in 1984. On her return she started supreme stitches with which she became the best designer in the Nigeria by 1986. In 1993 she applied for the licence to the mother of her financial stardom. It was an OPL to explore for oil on a 617000-acre block (currently OPL 216). Her company Famfa limited was granted the licence to this block a land located at the south east of Lagos in the Agbami field of central Niger by the then president Ibrahim Babangida. This  company managed by her sons and husband has made her the richest woman in Nigeria, the richest black woman in the world and the fourth richest black in the world.

she is the National president and lifelong trustee of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN).Folorunsho Alakija has a foundation called the Rose of Sharon Foundation that helps widows and orphans by empowering them through scholarships and business grants.She also founded the Folorunsho Alakija Scholarship Scheme (FASS) which has consistently aided remarkable number of Nigerians who can not afford good and quality education.The most fascinating part of it all is that on the 9th of March, 2016 she became the first female Chancellor (Osun State University renamed Bola- Ige University) in Nigeria.

Moral Lessons

1. Your parents wealth can aid you in getting your own wealth if only you are determined to acquire your own wealth. Don’t settle with the mindset that your parents are wealthy so you will become wealthy. That you were born with a silver spoon does not mean you will keep having the spoon.

2. Despise not the days of little beginning. Always be willing to start from somewhere. Folorunsho started as a Secretary today she is a billionaire. Start somewhere. 

Its being Heralds with Julius Ojonugwa Akubo on Treasure network catch you same time next week.

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Temi-T Heart Clinic

Love and purpose

Good evening and welcome to Temi-T Heart Clinic. This evening we shall be looking at this simple story and hopefully deducing some lessons of life.

 Jemi grew up with an uncommon passion and interest in Charity works. She went about reaching the poor as often as possible with the little resources available to her. This drive occasionally necessitated a regular traveling lifestyle as she moved from town to town and village to village putting smiles on faces. Jemi had helped so many lives in her country, put smiles on faces and empowered so many in her own capacity. Fortunately in one of her charity outings she met the best man she thought she had ever seen in life. His name was Telio. A young business man whose success in business was the envy of many. Telio who obviously came under the spell of what many refer to as “love at first sight” didn’t delay to start a serious relationship with Jemi. In a little while love was all every serious observer could see between this two. In fact it didn’t take more than six months before the two went to the alter to exchange their wedding vows.

Things were so Rossy between the two until Telio started complaining about the way Jemi was spending all her earnings on charity. At first it was like a show of concern so Jemi was forced to cut down her spendings on charity only to make her love happy. Hmmm! Later on it was no more just about the spendings, Telio had started putting restrictions on Jemi’s traveling lifestyle. He insisted that Jemi could only reach the people withing their state of residence any thing other than that was not permitted. Jemi still didn’t want to choose between what has become her life purpose on a side and her love on the other side so she complied. The worst finally happened Telio would not allow his love to be travelling “unnecessarily” again as he felt they now had two kids and a house wife to him, wasn’t to be travelling as often as his wife did so he restricted her on more time. This time Jemi couldn’t just adapt anymore. She had sacrificed so much for love and wasn’t ready to sacrifice any longer. “Is he blind or just being wicked?” she asked herself. Of a truth Telio loved Jemi and Jemi loved Telio but Jemi’s passion and life assignment was seriously crying for air and room for expression. Her love soon started dying as fast it grew in the early days of their relationship. Just like a dream they ended up divorcing. 

Hmmmm! What a story? I guess you can already share so many lessons from the story but since its my piece, you would permit me to share my lessons first while you can type your own lessons as comments for others to learn from. No offence ok!

1. Never you start a relationship without considering the compatibility of purpose no matter how big or small your purpose in life may seem. If only this issue was taken into consideration, perhaps Jemi’s kids would never have thought of being nurtured by a single parent. 

2. Purpose is as important as love but be careful to know which comes first and why. I wouldn’t say much on this. If you have already discovered your life purpose then I wouldn’t need to explain this to you.

3. Finally sacrifice is very important in a relationship but selfishness is almost always on the opposite side of sacrifice. Sacrifice should and must always be reciprocal if the relationship must survive.

Alright you can share own lessons now. And be informed that you can send your articles or love stories that you think can help people’s love life to this numbers on whatsapp and we will get it across to the so many people having access to Treasure network

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Don’t be stingy, share your story with us and we will surely #tag you to your work. Just kidding ok? Its Still Temi-T Heart clinic on Treasure network. For Today its #JuliusOAkubo

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On Herald today is …..
Micheal JordanMicheal Jordan is an Heroic American Basketball player whose exploits grew out of the dogged decision to succeed at all cost. He was born on February 17 1963 at Brooklyn New York. His affluence in the game of basketball was more prominent in the 1980s and 1990s. Jordan’s success is a progressive one that started right from the time he joined the Chicago bulls to this very moment where he is believed to be the most paid retired sports star. He left college to join the NBA after his junior class in the college. Jordan later returned to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and continued as a professional basketball player. He won so many NBA awards and broke so many records in the world of basketball. He is believed to be the first player to score 3000 points in a single season since the time of Wilt Chamberlin. Jordan was married to Juainita vanoy for 17 years until December 2006 when the couple divorced. Their Union was with three kids Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. Still in 2006 Jordan bought a share of the Charlotte Bobcats and joined the team’s executive ranks as its managing member of basketball operations. In 2010 be the onwner of the major shares of charlotte bobcats as he is belived to own about 90% of the shares of Charlotte Bobcats which is worth about $US750 million. He later remarried in 2013 to a Cuban-Amerian model Yvette Prieto. Aside from basketball, Jordan is involved in a number of other lucrative business ventures, He also does a lot for charity, including hosting the annual golf event known as the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational.

In 2016 he received a Presidential Medal of Freedom honor from the immediate past president of the united states of America Barack Obama. 

Moral Lesson:

Jordan’s story is a very intriguing one foiled the full desire to succeed at all cost but key lessons to learn from his life includes. 

1. Success has no permanent bench mark, you can choose to be better than the history you have known if only you dare to take risks associated to the success you desire in faith.

2. Just as the drive to succeed in career is important you must also strive to succeed in marriage and family. Don’t settle for a divorce so marry rightly to avoid it.

3. Always set high expectations for yourself and you will see that you have all it takes to get them within you even though they appear in a potential and dormant form initially.

4. Formal education is very important but its not the only determinant of success.

Its being Heralds with Julius Ojonugwa Akubo on Treasure network catch you same time next week.

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​Still on Ankara!

The simplicity of ankara always speaks volume. Just be able to mix your material in such a way that it brings out the best of you in the most decent way.  Check these out

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On HERALDS today is.……..

Mary Slessor 

Mary was a very pragmatic and Iconic missionary who left an indelible foot print on the entire Nigeria as a country and Calabar land in particular. Mary slessor was born on the 2nd day of December 1848 to a poor working class parent in Gilcomston, Aberdeen,

Scotland.Mary worked hard to sustain herself despite the prevailing issues of poverty in her family. Her Dad was an alcoholic who later died of pneumonia leaving her and her two sisters with their mum. At age 11 Mary slessor had so adapted to taking responsibility that she was working and schooling on a shift. She spent half of her day at the school and the other half at the Baxter Brothers’ Mill. Mary was so hardworking that at age 14 she had become a skilled jute worker and was working from 6am to 6pm daily with just a little time for her meals. Later Mary’s interest and love for God drove her into missions which eventually made her applied to the United Presbyterian Church’s Foreign Mission Board. She was then posted to west Africa, Calabar Nigeria to be precised. In her stay as a missionary she really showed love and efficiency in the aspect of catering for children with more emphasis on twins that were seen as unfit for the society where she was posted to serve God. (the Efik Land) Though faced with so many challenges both external and internal including the malaria attacks she had, the language barriers she encountered amongst so many others, she was unwaveringly focused on her assignment. She saved hundreds of twins who were thrown away in calabashes in the bushes. This the natives did with the believe that one of the twins had the father to be an Evil spirit and since they couldn’t tell which of the twins it was that the evil spirit as a father, they rather threw both of the twins away.Mary in her so many impartful activities and spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ was a driving force behind the establishment of the Hope Waddell Training Institute in Calabar , which provided practical vocational training to Efiks.

In August 1888 she traveled to Okoyong where she learned how to communicate in Efik. Although other male missionaries were killed in Okoyong, her methodology was entirely more intriguing to the people as she spent 15 years in Okoyong.Mary slessor fought vehemently and ended the killing of infant twins as was the num there. In 1892, Slessor became vice-consul in Okoyong, presiding over the native court. By 1905 she was named vice-president of Ikot Obong native court and in 1913 she was awarded the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Mary slessor had issues with her health in her later years but remained in Calabar , where she finally died in 1915 after a great life of sacrifice and impart.

Moral Lessons

1. Your background is not enough excuse for your back to be put on the ground. Always fight for your dreams irrespective of any prevailing challenges. Device any method possible to see your dreams come through (Half day at school half day at work as in the case of Mary)

2. Live a life of sacrifice to God and humanity. Your legacy is your pride even after death. 

3. Make God your priority in life and life will be full of value.

Its being Heralds with Julius O.Akubo on Treasure network. Catch you next week.

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On Heralds this week is ……..
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th of February,1809 at kenturky. This humble background man was the 16th president of the united States of America. Aside from being born to a humble background Lincoln lost his mother at the age of 9 years so he definitely didn’t have “cool” childhood. This great champion didn’t even have a comprehensive formal education as the only one he had was for about 18 months at the age of 18 years. It was believed that he tutored himself into becoming a lawyer and was admitted to the bar in 1837. At age 22 he had started fending for himself as he engaged in jobs that could sustain him. Abraham Lincoln got married at age 33 to Mary Todd a much more literate lady than he was. Their union was blessed with four kids but only one survived childhood. His political career was believed to have started at age 23 in the year 1832 when he contested for the General Assembly as a member of the whig party. He was great a lawyer who opposed the activities of slavery vehemently even with little formal education. Lincoln and his partners where said to have appeared before the Illinois state supreme court for more than 400 times having being involved in more than 5100 cases in Illinois alone in a 23years practice.

Lincoln got back into politics due to the Kansas Nebraska act of 1854 which vehemently repealed the limits on slavery spread. Abraham lincoln helped in forming the new Republican party on whose platform he later became the 16th President of America on November 6th 1860. He was the first Republican President of America. After so many oppostions Lincoln was later reelected as the president of the United state in 1864. At this time the victory over slavery was in view and the future was looking promising.Abraham Lincoln made so many radical impart on America and the world at large but was unfortunately assassinated by John Wilkes Booth a well known actor who was against President Lincoln’s decision to support voting rights for blacks. Abraham Lincoln being the first American president to be assasinated was murdered on the 14th of April 1865 (Good Friday).

Moral Lessons: 

1. Never allow your background to stop you from achieving and fulfilling your God given assignments. Your challenges should be your bridge to your greatness. Learn from Lincoln.

2. Always stand for equality and equity.

3. Live life with a mind of imparting and making positive changes other than just living no matter the cost. 

Its being Heralds with Julius O. Akubo on treasure network catch you same time next week.

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