13 Mar

On HERALDS today is.……..

Mary Slessor 

Mary was a very pragmatic and Iconic missionary who left an indelible foot print on the entire Nigeria as a country and Calabar land in particular. Mary slessor was born on the 2nd day of December 1848 to a poor working class parent in Gilcomston, Aberdeen,

Scotland.Mary worked hard to sustain herself despite the prevailing issues of poverty in her family. Her Dad was an alcoholic who later died of pneumonia leaving her and her two sisters with their mum. At age 11 Mary slessor had so adapted to taking responsibility that she was working and schooling on a shift. She spent half of her day at the school and the other half at the Baxter Brothers’ Mill. Mary was so hardworking that at age 14 she had become a skilled jute worker and was working from 6am to 6pm daily with just a little time for her meals. Later Mary’s interest and love for God drove her into missions which eventually made her applied to the United Presbyterian Church’s Foreign Mission Board. She was then posted to west Africa, Calabar Nigeria to be precised. In her stay as a missionary she really showed love and efficiency in the aspect of catering for children with more emphasis on twins that were seen as unfit for the society where she was posted to serve God. (the Efik Land) Though faced with so many challenges both external and internal including the malaria attacks she had, the language barriers she encountered amongst so many others, she was unwaveringly focused on her assignment. She saved hundreds of twins who were thrown away in calabashes in the bushes. This the natives did with the believe that one of the twins had the father to be an Evil spirit and since they couldn’t tell which of the twins it was that the evil spirit as a father, they rather threw both of the twins away.Mary in her so many impartful activities and spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ was a driving force behind the establishment of the Hope Waddell Training Institute in Calabar , which provided practical vocational training to Efiks.

In August 1888 she traveled to Okoyong where she learned how to communicate in Efik. Although other male missionaries were killed in Okoyong, her methodology was entirely more intriguing to the people as she spent 15 years in Okoyong.Mary slessor fought vehemently and ended the killing of infant twins as was the num there. In 1892, Slessor became vice-consul in Okoyong, presiding over the native court. By 1905 she was named vice-president of Ikot Obong native court and in 1913 she was awarded the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Mary slessor had issues with her health in her later years but remained in Calabar , where she finally died in 1915 after a great life of sacrifice and impart.

Moral Lessons

1. Your background is not enough excuse for your back to be put on the ground. Always fight for your dreams irrespective of any prevailing challenges. Device any method possible to see your dreams come through (Half day at school half day at work as in the case of Mary)

2. Live a life of sacrifice to God and humanity. Your legacy is your pride even after death. 

3. Make God your priority in life and life will be full of value.

Its being Heralds with Julius O.Akubo on Treasure network. Catch you next week.

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