20 Mar

On Herald today is …..
Micheal JordanMicheal Jordan is an Heroic American Basketball player whose exploits grew out of the dogged decision to succeed at all cost. He was born on February 17 1963 at Brooklyn New York. His affluence in the game of basketball was more prominent in the 1980s and 1990s. Jordan’s success is a progressive one that started right from the time he joined the Chicago bulls to this very moment where he is believed to be the most paid retired sports star. He left college to join the NBA after his junior class in the college. Jordan later returned to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and continued as a professional basketball player. He won so many NBA awards and broke so many records in the world of basketball. He is believed to be the first player to score 3000 points in a single season since the time of Wilt Chamberlin. Jordan was married to Juainita vanoy for 17 years until December 2006 when the couple divorced. Their Union was with three kids Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. Still in 2006 Jordan bought a share of the Charlotte Bobcats and joined the team’s executive ranks as its managing member of basketball operations. In 2010 be the onwner of the major shares of charlotte bobcats as he is belived to own about 90% of the shares of Charlotte Bobcats which is worth about $US750 million. He later remarried in 2013 to a Cuban-Amerian model Yvette Prieto. Aside from basketball, Jordan is involved in a number of other lucrative business ventures, He also does a lot for charity, including hosting the annual golf event known as the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational.

In 2016 he received a Presidential Medal of Freedom honor from the immediate past president of the united states of America Barack Obama. 

Moral Lesson:

Jordan’s story is a very intriguing one foiled the full desire to succeed at all cost but key lessons to learn from his life includes. 

1. Success has no permanent bench mark, you can choose to be better than the history you have known if only you dare to take risks associated to the success you desire in faith.

2. Just as the drive to succeed in career is important you must also strive to succeed in marriage and family. Don’t settle for a divorce so marry rightly to avoid it.

3. Always set high expectations for yourself and you will see that you have all it takes to get them within you even though they appear in a potential and dormant form initially.

4. Formal education is very important but its not the only determinant of success.

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