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25 Mar

Love and purpose

Good evening and welcome to Temi-T Heart Clinic. This evening we shall be looking at this simple story and hopefully deducing some lessons of life.

 Jemi grew up with an uncommon passion and interest in Charity works. She went about reaching the poor as often as possible with the little resources available to her. This drive occasionally necessitated a regular traveling lifestyle as she moved from town to town and village to village putting smiles on faces. Jemi had helped so many lives in her country, put smiles on faces and empowered so many in her own capacity. Fortunately in one of her charity outings she met the best man she thought she had ever seen in life. His name was Telio. A young business man whose success in business was the envy of many. Telio who obviously came under the spell of what many refer to as “love at first sight” didn’t delay to start a serious relationship with Jemi. In a little while love was all every serious observer could see between this two. In fact it didn’t take more than six months before the two went to the alter to exchange their wedding vows.

Things were so Rossy between the two until Telio started complaining about the way Jemi was spending all her earnings on charity. At first it was like a show of concern so Jemi was forced to cut down her spendings on charity only to make her love happy. Hmmm! Later on it was no more just about the spendings, Telio had started putting restrictions on Jemi’s traveling lifestyle. He insisted that Jemi could only reach the people withing their state of residence any thing other than that was not permitted. Jemi still didn’t want to choose between what has become her life purpose on a side and her love on the other side so she complied. The worst finally happened Telio would not allow his love to be travelling “unnecessarily” again as he felt they now had two kids and a house wife to him, wasn’t to be travelling as often as his wife did so he restricted her on more time. This time Jemi couldn’t just adapt anymore. She had sacrificed so much for love and wasn’t ready to sacrifice any longer. “Is he blind or just being wicked?” she asked herself. Of a truth Telio loved Jemi and Jemi loved Telio but Jemi’s passion and life assignment was seriously crying for air and room for expression. Her love soon started dying as fast it grew in the early days of their relationship. Just like a dream they ended up divorcing. 

Hmmmm! What a story? I guess you can already share so many lessons from the story but since its my piece, you would permit me to share my lessons first while you can type your own lessons as comments for others to learn from. No offence ok!

1. Never you start a relationship without considering the compatibility of purpose no matter how big or small your purpose in life may seem. If only this issue was taken into consideration, perhaps Jemi’s kids would never have thought of being nurtured by a single parent. 

2. Purpose is as important as love but be careful to know which comes first and why. I wouldn’t say much on this. If you have already discovered your life purpose then I wouldn’t need to explain this to you.

3. Finally sacrifice is very important in a relationship but selfishness is almost always on the opposite side of sacrifice. Sacrifice should and must always be reciprocal if the relationship must survive.

Alright you can share own lessons now. And be informed that you can send your articles or love stories that you think can help people’s love life to this numbers on whatsapp and we will get it across to the so many people having access to Treasure network

08069230929, 08112296697.

Don’t be stingy, share your story with us and we will surely #tag you to your work. Just kidding ok? Its Still Temi-T Heart clinic on Treasure network. For Today its #JuliusOAkubo

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