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Premarital Sex kills Relationship
Welcome once again to this love zone on Treasure network. Let’s read this heart touching story together

My name is Sophia I met Dr Kingsley five years ago and some how, some how we started a relationship which grew so well until three months back. I loved him so much because he respected me and knew how to make me feel important as a lady. He suddenly started asking me to prove my love to him. I was shocked because I thought I showerred him with love to the best of my knowledge. He finally came out with it when he asked me to make love to him one certain evening that I visited his house. I refused and reminded him that we were Christians and that it wasn’t also morally right. I even told him to be patient since I was eventually going to be his wife because I was so sure he was going to marry me. He apologised and told me it was the work of the devil. Just three weeks ago he requested that I came over to his house and help make “egwusi” soup. It wasn’t the first time so I willing went over and prepared the soup. I even went further to pound some yams for him. I loved him so much so I could do anything for him.  Few minutes after I left the kitchen, Kingsley became so dull and told me he wanted to tell me something that has being bothering his mind. I sat down and had him confused me into destroying my life oh my God! He told me he was becoming tired of the relationship and that,if I refused to have sex with him that day, then we would actually end the relationship that day. Oh I had already introduced him to my family and was already planning personally for our wedding. What do I do? Infact he reassured me that having sex with me will even fasten our wedding and the weak and foolish me agreed to his proposal. We had sex together that day and while I was on my way home I got a text from him that he never knew I was this cheap, he made me saw how foolish I was and ended up by saying he never wanted to see me anywhere near him again. In fact he asked me never to call him or send him any form of text again else he would kill me. Please I am confused and just depressed can you help me out please??

 I am sure you read that story if I may call it story.Well, please feel free to talk to Sophia. But as usual I do it first right here and now. First thing I want to say to you Sophia and anybody with such a story is that sex before marriage does not improve or secure your relationship, it only weakens the chances of that relationship’s survival. I wouldn’t doubt your love for your Dr Kingsley but I feel you must know that you really did cross so many boundaries. When there are no limits then you would have no reason talk of trespass. Your stand and conviction wasn’t firm enough which was why he could succesuflly pressure you into sleeping with him. Don’t be saying No and yet be saying “maybe”. You must first accept that you played a part in this. Secondly I will want to say without doubt that he never loved you else he would have respected your decision and not forced himself on you. Love is patient and willing to sacrifice for good. You may probably have only told us your part of the story but somehow you sure have seen signs that you ignored. 
Also I will say if he really was serious about marrying you then your courtship period was relatively too long and that was one of the reasons why your relationship ended like that. I wouldn’t dictate for anybody but long courtship could be dangerous as it increases your chances of premarital sex. 

What happened to you is similar to what happened between Tamar and Amnon in the Bible and I sincerely feel your pain but look dear mistakes shouldn’t make us we must rather become better by learning from our mistakes. Pull yourself together and learn from your mistakes. Forget him in your past, stand to your feet and forge ahead. He will regret loosing you someday if you actually get better. Don’t let him pause your life keep moving and grow up cause God still loves you ok.

Its being TemiT Clinic on Treasure network catch you same time next week and don’t forget that you can send us a mail through 

Happy weekend.

You are free to talk to Sophia now.

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​On Heralds this week is …..….

Warren Edward Buffet

investment was really ignited after reading a book by Benjamin Graham. He obtained a masters degree in Economics at Columbia Business School. Buffet eventually got the opportunity to work with Benjamin Graham at his brokerage but this was after he was rejected though. At the retirement of Benjamin Graham, he returned to Omaha. He then established the Buffet Associates Ltd in 1956 which was financed with $100 by himself and general partners and $105,000 from seven limited members consisting of his family members and friends more partners were added and the partnership was later consolidated as Buffet Partnership Ltd. 

In 1962, Buffet partnership started purchasing shares of Berkshire Hathaway a large manafucturing company in the textile industry people like the then vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway thought the purchase was a mistake since the company selling below its working capital at that time. Buffet had to dissolve his partnership to focus on running the newly acquired Berkshire which grew into one of the largest holding companies in the world due to Buffet ‘s strategy of redirecting the companies excess cash to acquire private businesses and stocks from public companies.  

Buffet once said ” I want to give my kids enough so that they could feel they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing”. In essence Buffet does not believe in the transfer of fortune from a generation to another.intact most of his wealth goes for charity through foundations like Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Susan Thompson Buffet’s Foundation, Buffet foundation and three other foundations headed by his three children. Buffet believes that the society has a great role to play his wealth hence giving back to the society through philanthropic living wasn’t an issue to him. Buffet is still alive and doing fine.

Moral lessons

No man is perfect but you can always learn something from everyman you meet. Two things to learn from buffet….

1. Never you permit age to stand as a barrier to your fulfilling purpose, start early and be ready to push through all the odds that may come your way. Rise if you ever fall.

2. Givers never lack holds everywhere, always look for opportunity to be a blessing to lives cause its a privilege. 

Its being Heralds with Julius O. Akubo on Treasure network. catch you next week.

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Temi-T Heart Clinic

​Does Love Die?

Kemi and Babs got to meet and started a serious relationship during their National Youth Service year. They loved and respected themselves so much that they both planned together, encouraged and inspired themselves and more particularly prepared for a beautiful future together. The love was unbeatable, but about two months to the end of their service year the pressure of “bring home a ready suitor” by Kemi’s parents became so much on her. The parents had already mapped out a master plan for their only daughter amongst which was that, she must not return back to her parents home after service. Kemi initially endured the pressure but it kept getting serious by the day, so she finally decided to talk to the “love of her life” about the issue. She suggested that Babs came home to visit her parents and more particularly prepare for a mini wedding ceremony as soon as possible. She was even willing to support Babs with her little savings all just to start a home and be free from her parents unending pressure.

So shocked to be hearing such statements from Kemi, Babs expressed his unpreparedness for marriage at the moment. He desired to give his spouse the best so he at least wanted to get a job before thinking of marriage. Their relationship for now was just to build a firm ground upon which their marriage could grow in the future. 

Kemi had replied Babs with a very loud and scaring statement.

“You think I am getting young, look if you are not ready for what i just suggested then we may have to end this relationship”. Babs was just short of words and while still standing and gazing at Kemi in amazement, she walked out on him talking to herself..

“other serious guys are there pestering me and here you are expecting me to beg you to marry me”.

Please what just happened? Someone wake me up. 

Kemi eventually got married to a young banker who also claimed loved for her and she definitely must have confessed same. 

Now my point and question is, was kemi inlove with Babs or did the love die somewhere along the line? 

Its unfortunate that some parents have unconsciously lead their children to doom all in the bid of ensuring early marriage. Kemi may be married now but has the love she once professed to Babs died? I wont answer that but get my lessons and you could share yours later. 

What is worth doing is worth doing well don’t be pressured into marriage for any reason, your mates may be marrying and doing whatsoever but you must also remember that you are not them.You would not be staying with them in your home so be careful what inspires your choice. 

Also, talking about love You must accept this fact that love can grow and just like a senior friend once said the same love you should have for your wife or spouse must be the same love you should have for any other person (agapae love principle). In essence what I am trying to say is that yes Kemi may have loved Babs but the fact that she loves her new husband should not be a debate. Love is a mystery. 

My last candid advise is that you must ensure to state clearly the fate of your relationship right from the start and always stand by it as much as possible.

Its being Temi-T Heart Clinic on Treasure network. See you next week.

Now you can air your views..

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One of the key activities man can hardly overlook is fashion. Thus it’s important to be well informed on the topic of fashion so as to ensure moderation and excellence even in fashion. One common mistake usually made by people when it comes to fashion is that of color match. There is need to blend your colors well so as to bring out the best of you and your attire otherwise you will end up looking like a masquerade after spending so much on a set of attire.  I will just briefly give you few cute colour combinations you can do to bring out your unique style.

1. Green and Yellow

2. Pale Blue and Pink 

3. Red and Blue

4. Cobalt Blue and Turquoise

5. Orange and Black     any of these combinations will really give you a cute style so try them out.

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#Heralds 07

​On Herald this week is …..

Henry Ford 

Being a man of vision he didn’t throw away that same drive for the success he seemed to have achieved working with the EIC. He spent his free time building prototype internal combustion engine and testing them as well. In 1896 he made a mark on his destiny path by building his first full vehicle which he named the quadricycle. Three years after he started his own automobile company which he called the Detroit Automobile company. This company was built having somany investors but the test of vision showed up as the company into Bankruptcy due to poor sales. However Henry didn’t quit, he bounced back 1903 with the now Ford motor Company from the $30000 he was able to raise from investors. They built their first vehicle being the Model T which was only affordable to the wealthy then, but gradually they kept improving and by 1918 half of all the cars in America were all Model T cars. His company also started their Aviation business in the world War 1 one but stopped by the end of the war and then later started in 1925 when they aquired the Stout Metal Airplane Company. In 1918 Ford was asked to contest for Senate from Michigan by President Woodrow Wilson which he did but lost by 1%. By the same 1918 he turned the presidency post to his son Edsel Ford while he remained the ultimate decision maker. He and Edsel purchased the remaining stocks from the other investors in the company hence turning the company into a family company. 

As a philanthropist he started the Ford foundation in 1936 to promote human welfare through research grants, educational grants and development. Ford died in 1947 at age 83 and was buried in the Ford cemetery in Detroit.

Moral Lessons

Two basic lessons I would like you to learn from the life of henry Ford are 

1. You don’t have to do what everybody is doing to become successful. Know what you were formed and called for, pursue it at all cost and you will soon become the envy of all. Imagine that Ford had settled for farmwork who knows he may not have succeeded this much. Please I didn’t say farmwork will make you fail.

2. A fall is not a full stop. Rise up when you fall as a stronger and better person knowing that if Bankruptcy didn’t stop Henry you too can overcome that challenge. 

Its being Heralds with Julius O. Akubo on Treasure network. catch you next week.

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Treasure Magazine Volume6 coming soon

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Temi-T Heart Clinic

Its another Saturday on this lovezone from Treasure network. We are sorry for having being away for a while. It was due to some technical issues.

Today we shall be considering

Love and Like

Lets start today with a question, is it possible to like and not love or love and not like? Just answer that question. Of a truth love and like are closely related but its important to know that one grows into the other. You don’t just get to love someone the very day you meet that person but you can like a person right from the very moment you meet the person. What love means to people may be relative but there is a neutral ground for all the definitions and its the fact that its built on sacrifice and understanding. Defining love and like isn’t the topic of today but we can’t proceed without a basic definition of the two

 Love simply means a great or deep affection for someone while Like simply means finding such a person enjoyable or agreeing with the person. You will discover that love is simply a deeper form of like so you could fall into the mistake of thinking you love a person while you actually like the person in the real sense. 

No relationship survives well when its only built on likeness it must grow into love if it must last. We must also know that just as its important to love you must also learn to like cause its actually like that grows into love. Just read this little story and tell me what you think.

Amanda is thirty-five and desperately in need of a husband so she was introduced to an online dating platform where she met Segun. She got chatting with him for over a month and after lots of chat they were convinced that they were the best partners ever so they set an appointment to meet themselves at a restaurant somewhere in the city. Full of anxiety Amanda was already seated waiting for her expected cute looking guy. Coincidentally she sighted a guy alighting from a taxi looking so plumpy and dark with a thick black beard. She thought to her self ” this guy is really ugly” unfortunately the guy brought out his phone and started calling his supposed date who is actually who you are thinking. Gosh, Amanda is about walking out of the restaurant cause she wouldn’t even want to seat near such a guy let alone chat, and even eat together. Now my question is 

 Do you think Amanda loved segun or is it that she liked Segun??

As usual my view first. You can’t say you like someone you don’t know let alone talk about love so I wonder what really happens on the online dating platforms. Thats by the way. If only Amanda understood the concept I have just discussed then she would definitely have known that she never loved Segun. I have dropped my answer in a way but let’s see your view about the story. 

Don’t keep it to yourself ok. Catch you same time next week.

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