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15 Apr

Its another Saturday on this lovezone from Treasure network. We are sorry for having being away for a while. It was due to some technical issues.

Today we shall be considering

Love and Like

Lets start today with a question, is it possible to like and not love or love and not like? Just answer that question. Of a truth love and like are closely related but its important to know that one grows into the other. You don’t just get to love someone the very day you meet that person but you can like a person right from the very moment you meet the person. What love means to people may be relative but there is a neutral ground for all the definitions and its the fact that its built on sacrifice and understanding. Defining love and like isn’t the topic of today but we can’t proceed without a basic definition of the two

 Love simply means a great or deep affection for someone while Like simply means finding such a person enjoyable or agreeing with the person. You will discover that love is simply a deeper form of like so you could fall into the mistake of thinking you love a person while you actually like the person in the real sense. 

No relationship survives well when its only built on likeness it must grow into love if it must last. We must also know that just as its important to love you must also learn to like cause its actually like that grows into love. Just read this little story and tell me what you think.

Amanda is thirty-five and desperately in need of a husband so she was introduced to an online dating platform where she met Segun. She got chatting with him for over a month and after lots of chat they were convinced that they were the best partners ever so they set an appointment to meet themselves at a restaurant somewhere in the city. Full of anxiety Amanda was already seated waiting for her expected cute looking guy. Coincidentally she sighted a guy alighting from a taxi looking so plumpy and dark with a thick black beard. She thought to her self ” this guy is really ugly” unfortunately the guy brought out his phone and started calling his supposed date who is actually who you are thinking. Gosh, Amanda is about walking out of the restaurant cause she wouldn’t even want to seat near such a guy let alone chat, and even eat together. Now my question is 

 Do you think Amanda loved segun or is it that she liked Segun??

As usual my view first. You can’t say you like someone you don’t know let alone talk about love so I wonder what really happens on the online dating platforms. Thats by the way. If only Amanda understood the concept I have just discussed then she would definitely have known that she never loved Segun. I have dropped my answer in a way but let’s see your view about the story. 

Don’t keep it to yourself ok. Catch you same time next week.

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