#Heralds 07

17 Apr

​On Herald this week is …..

Henry Ford 

Being a man of vision he didn’t throw away that same drive for the success he seemed to have achieved working with the EIC. He spent his free time building prototype internal combustion engine and testing them as well. In 1896 he made a mark on his destiny path by building his first full vehicle which he named the quadricycle. Three years after he started his own automobile company which he called the Detroit Automobile company. This company was built having somany investors but the test of vision showed up as the company into Bankruptcy due to poor sales. However Henry didn’t quit, he bounced back 1903 with the now Ford motor Company from the $30000 he was able to raise from investors. They built their first vehicle being the Model T which was only affordable to the wealthy then, but gradually they kept improving and by 1918 half of all the cars in America were all Model T cars. His company also started their Aviation business in the world War 1 one but stopped by the end of the war and then later started in 1925 when they aquired the Stout Metal Airplane Company. In 1918 Ford was asked to contest for Senate from Michigan by President Woodrow Wilson which he did but lost by 1%. By the same 1918 he turned the presidency post to his son Edsel Ford while he remained the ultimate decision maker. He and Edsel purchased the remaining stocks from the other investors in the company hence turning the company into a family company. 

As a philanthropist he started the Ford foundation in 1936 to promote human welfare through research grants, educational grants and development. Ford died in 1947 at age 83 and was buried in the Ford cemetery in Detroit.

Moral Lessons

Two basic lessons I would like you to learn from the life of henry Ford are 

1. You don’t have to do what everybody is doing to become successful. Know what you were formed and called for, pursue it at all cost and you will soon become the envy of all. Imagine that Ford had settled for farmwork who knows he may not have succeeded this much. Please I didn’t say farmwork will make you fail.

2. A fall is not a full stop. Rise up when you fall as a stronger and better person knowing that if Bankruptcy didn’t stop Henry you too can overcome that challenge. 

Its being Heralds with Julius O. Akubo on Treasure network. catch you next week.

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