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22 Apr

​Does Love Die?

Kemi and Babs got to meet and started a serious relationship during their National Youth Service year. They loved and respected themselves so much that they both planned together, encouraged and inspired themselves and more particularly prepared for a beautiful future together. The love was unbeatable, but about two months to the end of their service year the pressure of “bring home a ready suitor” by Kemi’s parents became so much on her. The parents had already mapped out a master plan for their only daughter amongst which was that, she must not return back to her parents home after service. Kemi initially endured the pressure but it kept getting serious by the day, so she finally decided to talk to the “love of her life” about the issue. She suggested that Babs came home to visit her parents and more particularly prepare for a mini wedding ceremony as soon as possible. She was even willing to support Babs with her little savings all just to start a home and be free from her parents unending pressure.

So shocked to be hearing such statements from Kemi, Babs expressed his unpreparedness for marriage at the moment. He desired to give his spouse the best so he at least wanted to get a job before thinking of marriage. Their relationship for now was just to build a firm ground upon which their marriage could grow in the future. 

Kemi had replied Babs with a very loud and scaring statement.

“You think I am getting young, look if you are not ready for what i just suggested then we may have to end this relationship”. Babs was just short of words and while still standing and gazing at Kemi in amazement, she walked out on him talking to herself..

“other serious guys are there pestering me and here you are expecting me to beg you to marry me”.

Please what just happened? Someone wake me up. 

Kemi eventually got married to a young banker who also claimed loved for her and she definitely must have confessed same. 

Now my point and question is, was kemi inlove with Babs or did the love die somewhere along the line? 

Its unfortunate that some parents have unconsciously lead their children to doom all in the bid of ensuring early marriage. Kemi may be married now but has the love she once professed to Babs died? I wont answer that but get my lessons and you could share yours later. 

What is worth doing is worth doing well don’t be pressured into marriage for any reason, your mates may be marrying and doing whatsoever but you must also remember that you are not them.You would not be staying with them in your home so be careful what inspires your choice. 

Also, talking about love You must accept this fact that love can grow and just like a senior friend once said the same love you should have for your wife or spouse must be the same love you should have for any other person (agapae love principle). In essence what I am trying to say is that yes Kemi may have loved Babs but the fact that she loves her new husband should not be a debate. Love is a mystery. 

My last candid advise is that you must ensure to state clearly the fate of your relationship right from the start and always stand by it as much as possible.

Its being Temi-T Heart Clinic on Treasure network. See you next week.

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