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29 Apr

Premarital Sex kills Relationship
Welcome once again to this love zone on Treasure network. Let’s read this heart touching story together

My name is Sophia I met Dr Kingsley five years ago and some how, some how we started a relationship which grew so well until three months back. I loved him so much because he respected me and knew how to make me feel important as a lady. He suddenly started asking me to prove my love to him. I was shocked because I thought I showerred him with love to the best of my knowledge. He finally came out with it when he asked me to make love to him one certain evening that I visited his house. I refused and reminded him that we were Christians and that it wasn’t also morally right. I even told him to be patient since I was eventually going to be his wife because I was so sure he was going to marry me. He apologised and told me it was the work of the devil. Just three weeks ago he requested that I came over to his house and help make “egwusi” soup. It wasn’t the first time so I willing went over and prepared the soup. I even went further to pound some yams for him. I loved him so much so I could do anything for him.  Few minutes after I left the kitchen, Kingsley became so dull and told me he wanted to tell me something that has being bothering his mind. I sat down and had him confused me into destroying my life oh my God! He told me he was becoming tired of the relationship and that,if I refused to have sex with him that day, then we would actually end the relationship that day. Oh I had already introduced him to my family and was already planning personally for our wedding. What do I do? Infact he reassured me that having sex with me will even fasten our wedding and the weak and foolish me agreed to his proposal. We had sex together that day and while I was on my way home I got a text from him that he never knew I was this cheap, he made me saw how foolish I was and ended up by saying he never wanted to see me anywhere near him again. In fact he asked me never to call him or send him any form of text again else he would kill me. Please I am confused and just depressed can you help me out please??

 I am sure you read that story if I may call it story.Well, please feel free to talk to Sophia. But as usual I do it first right here and now. First thing I want to say to you Sophia and anybody with such a story is that sex before marriage does not improve or secure your relationship, it only weakens the chances of that relationship’s survival. I wouldn’t doubt your love for your Dr Kingsley but I feel you must know that you really did cross so many boundaries. When there are no limits then you would have no reason talk of trespass. Your stand and conviction wasn’t firm enough which was why he could succesuflly pressure you into sleeping with him. Don’t be saying No and yet be saying “maybe”. You must first accept that you played a part in this. Secondly I will want to say without doubt that he never loved you else he would have respected your decision and not forced himself on you. Love is patient and willing to sacrifice for good. You may probably have only told us your part of the story but somehow you sure have seen signs that you ignored. 
Also I will say if he really was serious about marrying you then your courtship period was relatively too long and that was one of the reasons why your relationship ended like that. I wouldn’t dictate for anybody but long courtship could be dangerous as it increases your chances of premarital sex. 

What happened to you is similar to what happened between Tamar and Amnon in the Bible and I sincerely feel your pain but look dear mistakes shouldn’t make us we must rather become better by learning from our mistakes. Pull yourself together and learn from your mistakes. Forget him in your past, stand to your feet and forge ahead. He will regret loosing you someday if you actually get better. Don’t let him pause your life keep moving and grow up cause God still loves you ok.

Its being TemiT Clinic on Treasure network catch you same time next week and don’t forget that you can send us a mail through 

Happy weekend.

You are free to talk to Sophia now.

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