06 May

Love and Communication 

Its another week on TTHC aka Love&You and I sincerely want to welcome you to this week’s edition. Our topic today is an intriguing one that has made some marriages & relationships a haven while making some others a cold room. Its communication. No relationship succeeds without communication and not just communication, effective communication. I am supprised to see some marriages in this recent day failing to maintain the honey that they once had in the early days of the marriage and from observation I have discovered that, one of the basic reasons for this lost of sweetness in their marriage is either the lack of effective communication or poor communication. Words not expressed are messages not passed and communication basically anchors on sending, receiving, understanding and responding to messages. I will share a very short life story that surprised me. Of cause you know I won’t use their names.

Richard has being in a very serious relationship with Princess and they both loved each other in fact they were hoping to settle down together in marriage. Somewhere in the courtship, Richard started avoiding Princess and behaving in a very irritable manner towards her. Princess initially felt it was some personal challenge that required privacy that was confronting her would be spouse but NO it wasn’t. Richard was becoming tired of a habit princess that princess was exhibiting. He felt Princess was careless and untidy. He tested her on several occasions to see if she would adjust but No she didn’t. Unfortunately Princess was the type that cared less about tidying up things cause she has had younger ones and aunties who were doing that for all her life at least until that day. The gap in the relationship kept growing wider by the day yet nobody could point out what was really wrong. Richard truly loves her but doesn’t want to marry an untidy wife yet, he can’t look at her in the face and tell her fault. Princess on the other hand was becoming tired of the distance in fact she was becoming frustrated with days of no calls or texts but but being a “good sister” that she is, it was necessary for her to just bear it even when there was no more room to bear. Yet she couldn’t face her fiance and say “I feel you are avoiding me”.

Hush!! are these guys serious??? Do they really Love themselves?? Yes! But they have a very big problem with ccommunication. I won’t continue the story, I will only say somethings and that will be all for this week.

Never marry anybody you can not correct. Or maybe let me change it, if you are in a relationship in which your fiancé or fiancée does something wrong and you can not call him or her to tell them their wrong then, the future of that relationship is scaring, either correct it or end it. What stopped Richard from seating Princess down to tell her his opinion about her character. How was he sure that she would not have changed. Their relationship ended on a bad note without any of them knowing their dispotion towards themselves. It may not be a relationship so to say, it could be in your marriage right now. Look once you stop talking you start separating so start talking.

I respect the place of patients, endurance and forbearance in relationships but you know what? Be able to express your feelings and opinions in the best cautious way. Don’t pile up bitterness and resentments for any reason. I heard of a couple that have a settling chair in their room. Its their own strategy of communication.

Finally, just as you must be willing to speak your mind, you must also be willing to listen for effective communication to hold.

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Happy weekend.

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