28 May

It’s another week on LOVE AND YOU, and i really want to welcome you to this program as we shall be looking at the part 2 of when love becomes a heavy weight. 

Our topic today: the love on a suicide mission, we shall be looking at four basic things that send the love you are expressing or expecting on brutal suicide mission. Stay tuned.

1. Defective communication -This has to do with actions and oral communication, most times as partners we do not know how to effectively communicate what we want to say to others, most times use wrong words which always seems abusive and irritating, such words could send a very wrong opinion of us to our partners, which can lead to anger. One irony of this defective communication is that before it occurs to the sender that he or she communicated wrongly the partner might have already exercised a full blown anger. A silent aspect of defective communication is ill mannered approach, which of course has to do with lack of good manner in communication and using harsh words in answering questions. The moment your love life or relationship is characterized with this, believe me you, the love in that relationship is already on a brutal journey of suicide mission.
2. Assumptions (especially wrong ones)- people most times judge the mood and actions of their partners wrongly and assume their partner hates them, most times they do not know what has affected their mood and don’t even care to ask, he or she is behaving cold might not mean she hates you then, maybe she just needs you to understand she needs space, time, rest etc. And this wrong assumptions kills relationship. Stephen Campbell opined that making assumptions without enough information is the quickest way to damage someone’s reputation in our minds.
3. Misunderstanding– a times what one person says might be different from what the other person hears, what someone meant can be different from what the partner understands and this is a love killer. This leads to quarrels in most cases and the worst part of it is that both parties will never admit to be wrong or right in most cases and at this moment their love has only one option which is suicide_mission.

4. Lack of self control. Most times people find it difficult to control and mange situations especially unpleasant ones which can affect their relationship, they easily gets angry, out of control, you can’t talk them down or advice when they are in that mood, that is a bad one and on the other hand excessive emotional desire without control which even makes partners to be irritated. The moment a partner puts his or her desire, happiness above or at the expense of the other partner, then your love life just took a step of suicide mission.

Conclusively if the above items are found in your love life or relationship then its time to either Sit and talk extensively or Visit a consellor. LITTLE THINGS AS THESE CAN SEND THE LOVE YOU ARE EXPRESSING OR EXPECTING ON A  SUICIDE MISSION

Next week on part three we shall look at Giving love abeffiting burial.
This is  LOVE AND YOU on Tresure network. See you same time, next week. Don’t forget to like, share and publicize this network. HAPPY WEEKEND

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