03 Jun

It’s another week on LOVE AND YOU, and i really want to welcome you to this program as we shall be looking at the part 3 of when love becomes a heavy weight. 

Our topic today: Giving love a befitting burial, we shall be looking at three basic things that can kill your affection/love towards somebody. These are also common but overlooked things that gives love a natural death. 

Stay tuned.

1. Disappointments/unfaithfulness- Inability to keep to your words or promises leads to your partner losing trust and confidence in you. And when this becomes consistent in a relationship, the love in that relationship begins to die naturally, nothing about your partner interest you again because trust was traded with. One of the most common things that gives love a natural death and befitting burial is the issue of disappointment and unfaithfulness. People appreciates partners who are true to their words, a partner who is not faithful is no different from one living a life of deceit

 2.Inability to manage stress and depression

Pressure, hardship and tedious engagements are causes of stress, anyone under stress can be easily angered even when words are spoken with the best intentions. Ladies most times find it difficult to manage stress and depression, even men too and which most times leads to transfer of aggression and making unhealthy moves and talks. The moment you can not calm down enough even under stress to respond to your partner politely then you have started killing the person’s love for you. Inability to manage stress especially after work is great threat to your love life, work has come to stay, the relationship has come to stay but it lies on your deliberate decision not to allow stress get hold of you and bury your relationship.

 3. Pride and jealousy

This is a major threat to healthy relationships. 


 Every man need to look out for relationship difficulties that arise their ego problems, man often refuse to admit that they are wrong and would rather want to make wrong choices than bow to the lady even when it seems the lady is right.

 Some men feel threatened and insecure too when the lady they love becomes successful, they assert their  supriority to counter their insecurity, demeaning those women in the process. Such men are impossible to please.

 They just need to realize and understand that there is no need to compete with a lady and should equally try to feel comfortable with their natural leadership role.


A lady’s attitude will either attract men or even drives them away,

 When a lady is too arrogant, bossy, pushy men tend to avoid her

Every man wants a lady who really needs him, not just one who wants him and if as a lady your position and achievement cause you to act as if you don’t need anything, men then are unlikely to show interest in you. YOUR FERMINITY IS YOUR GREATEST ASSET

Most partners find it difficult to say am sorry, these three words are simple, short and easy to pronounce but how many people can count how many times their partners said I am sorry even when they are wrong especially men. And on the other hand some partners can deliberately misuse this tool: “I am sorry”. In other words they can deliberately offend their partners or go against their wish because they know they can always say I am sorry. Apology should come from the heart and not just the lips to fulfill all righteousness. Pride has killed so many relationships and even given it a befitting burial and if your love life or relationship is struggling with pride then you just bought an expensive coffin or casket for your love.
 Conclusively in as much you want to want to enjoy your relationship doing the right things is very much important.

If you need a right person, make your self a right person first, don’t expect what you don’t have and can’t offer. Next week we shall look at making your love life a mobile paradise. Thank you.
This is LOVE AND YOU on  Tresure network with  Ocheh Emmanuel. See you same time, next week. Don’t forget to like, share and publicize this network. HAPPY WEEKEND

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