04 Jun

What’s determination?
Its a resolution that distinguishes the winners from the quitters. Its a core attribute of world transformers and revolutioners. It is the act of making up your mind to achieve a certain goal or goals at all cost, challenges not withstanding. A determined mind knows no such thing as impossible. Determination is what Nigerians need to see the Nigeria we desire in our reality. Determination is what made Bill gates the richest man in the world determination is what kept Nelson Mandela in his fight for south Africa’s freedom, determination is what keeps Usain bolt running to the line before everyone he runs with, determination is what transformed mike Adenuga from being a taxi driver to a billionaire.

Determination is what  we need to change Nigeria, 

determination is what we need to fight corruption, nepotism, indiscipline and all the vices facing our great nation.

Determination is what we need to see that we have a part to play in reducing unemployment, and indolence in Nigeria.

Determination is what we need to awaken the patriotic mind that kept great men like Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmodu Bello and a great list of other Nigerian heroes going in their fight for the Nigeria we now have 

It is with that same determination that we will make Nigeria better.

Weak people don’t talk of determination cause there are too weak to pay the price that comes with determination.

Nothing great ever start without determination so its not a choice but an unbeatable quality that you must posses if you ever want to see change 

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