12 Jun

​On Heralds this week is….

Ursula Burns

She was born on the 20th September 1958. Unfortunately or should i say fortunately, she was raised by her mother Olga Burns but both of her parents were Panamanian immigrants. She attended an all girls secondary school in new York City; Cathedral High School.From there she proceeded to Brooklyn Polytechnic now known as New York University Tandon School of Engineering where she obtain a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1980 and later on a master of science in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University. She serUnfortunatelyairwoman of Xerox and was the CEO of the company from July 2009 to December 2016. This automatically made her the first black-American woman CEO to head a Fortune 500 company.

In addition to the Xerox board, she is a director of the American Express Corporation, and also provides leadership counsel to many community, educational, and nonprofit organizations.

Burns is married to Lloyd Bean, who also worked at Xerox, and she resides in Manhattan, New York. She has a daughter Melissa Bean(25 years old) and a stepson Malcolm Bean (28 years old).

Moral Lessons

I want to specially dedicate today’s heralds to the young ladies. The truth is we must learn to learn from people’s life’s and take actions. Now here are the lessons.

1. You can achieve anything in life irrespective of your gender if only you can dare to believe and act based on the fact that you can do all things especially through Christ. 

2. I guess I have said this before but if I have not i am saying it now. Nobody is to be held responsible for your failure in life. In fact your background challenges is not a genuine reason for you to fail. Dare to pierce through the barriers and you will see that you too can be great, wonderful and successful. I believe you have all it takes to become the answer the world needs so use it.

As always, it’s being Heralds with Julius Ojonugwa Akubo on Treasure network. catch you next week.

Wishing you a blessed week!!!

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