14 Jun

Sorry we couldn’t feature the program last week Saturday. You are really welcome to this edition as we shall be looking at the above topic:

This edition is designed to teach you how you can make your relationship blossom even while far away from your partner, some distant relationships have met their unexpected end most times because two or more of these attributes were at one point or the other lacking.

These attributes places your partner right in your heart, being etc all the times.

There can never be a good or if possible perfect love story without these attributes.

 Stay tuned and as we peruse these attributes together.

1.  Love – this is the most important factor to be considered in building a healthy relationship, this is an unending affection you have towards your partner, your affection must come from the heart, note: what you don’t love you cant make sacrifices for, what you don’t love you cant be committed or responsible to, what you don’t love you cant fight to keep or maintain, it first starts from developing an unending emotions, affections towards your partner, be a close friend, be a brother or a sister, be a companion etc to your partner. Love drives you to bring out the best in your partner etc.

2.  Understanding – Apart from love, understanding is the most important factor in building a healthy relationship, most people put their partners in a tight corner in a bid to feel loved, and appreciated, when your partner is drained emotionally, psychologically, financially then understanding is lacking, most partners can go into exorbitant request just to prove generosity and stinginess, some people can make their partners sacrifice all they have just to feel loved. Understanding one another leads to a healthy relationship, understand when your partner needs space, need rest, need support, is in lack etc.

3. Communication – partners most times appreciate gifts but even more (especially ladies) appreciates men with whom they can communicate, share their fears and emotions, men who will praise them, cherish them. When effective communication lacks in a relationship it can crumble a relationship, believe me you, when you communicate effectively and efficiently with your partner you are already in planting your presence in their heart, head and their being and mind you it is not enough to keep communicating but how it is said and how it finally comes across are very important.

4. Commitment and Responsibility having a sense of commitment and responsibility towards your relationship helps a lot, committing your time, committing your wisdom, committing your resources, committing what is readily at your disposal helps build a healthy relationship. Some people can be so carefree of their partners etc.

In conclusion what we term big things most times don’t keep a relationship but the little things we over look.

 Feeling concerned in a relationship is not just a  feeling but a duty .

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