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24 Jun

​Whether it’s a classic entrepreneur like John D. Rockefeller or a new comer to the scene like Alifa Nicholas, one thing is common: they found their passion and risked all to follow it.

Welcome to another exciting edition of entrepreneurship today from Treasure Network. We appreciate your commitment, likes, comments and shares. We do hope to continue adding value to you every week.

Last week, we discussed the very heart of being an entrepreneur which is the ability to be visionary and we concluded that every entrepreneur has the ability to have a vision as the only requirement is imagination. Today we would be discussing PASSION: the fuel that drives the engine of every successful business.

Passion is one of the intangibles that drives an entrepreneur, gets them through the good and difficult times, and ultimately dictates the success of any startup. The truth is, if you are not passionate about what you are building, you might as well pack up your bags now as your startup might never work.

Webster’s dictionary defined passion as ” an intense driving or overmastering feeling of conviction” or ” a strong desire for or devotion to some activity or concept”. I couldn’t have defined it any better.

Passion is the fuel that drives every entrepreneur. This passion is usually instilled by love or a fundamental knowledge of the product or service that is being built.

This passion further translates into an infectious enthusiasm that feeds the energy and drive of every employee in your business. This passion feeds and fuels your vision. It is the glue that holds your business together and get it through its most difficult times.

We are all passionate about something ( yes including you), we all have something we love. Something we know very well and enjoy doing.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) has his passion in computer programming and he created something to connect his classmates but today he is connecting the world and making billions.

Tara Fela Durotoye ( House of Tara) had a passion to see ladies step out looking gorgeous with good facial makeup. She has since turned her passion for facial makeup into a multimillion naira business.

Jason Njoku ( iROKO TV), has turned his passion for movies into a successful global media empire. The baseline is, we are all passionate about something. It maybe computer programming, cooking, baking, speaking, writing, knitting, gardening, racing, travelling, teaching or maybe an emotional issue like raising children with special needs. Regardless of what it is, we all love doing something and we could use that to our advantage by yielding social and economic benefits.

Passion is a quality every human possess. It is not exclusive to any superhuman. Passion is an invaluable quality in building a successful business. It is as good as currency. You may not get what you are passionate about, but you will never get what you are not passionate about. Make a conscious decision to put your passion into gainful use.

I leave you with this advise from Nick woodman (Founder and CEO of GoPro) “……your passions are one of your most obvious guides. They lead you along life’s path and whether that’s to your career or to the people that lead you to your career”.

It’s been Entrepreneurship Today from Treasure Network and I am Aaron Iko-ojo. Join us next week for another exciting edition. You can share your thoughts and feedback by commenting below or write us at

Have a splendid week 

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