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07 Jul

Majority of the worlds populace (esp. Nigeria) believes they are wired to become an employee and nothing more. They believe by so doing, they would be successful and enjoy the good life. However, they is a select few (by choice) who have shattered the stereotypical idea of what it means to be successful by owning their own business. This all boils down to having the right mindset.
Good evening and welcome to today’s edition of Entrepreneurship Today from Treasure Networks. We are glad reaching you and we appreciate you taking out time to follow us on this program every week.

Today’s edition, we would be discussing “An entrepreneur’s mindset”. I believe you agree with me when I say mindset is what separates the best from the rest. Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. It was Peter Drucker who said “most of what you hear about entrepreneurs are all wrong. Its not magic, its not mysterious and it has nothing to do with genes. It’s a discipline, and like any other discipline, it can be learned”.

Financial times lexicon defines Entrepreneurs mindset as “… A specific state of mind which orientates human conduct towards entrepreneurial activities and outcome”. Individuals with entrepreneurial mindset are often drawn to opportunities, innovation and new value creation.

Mindset is one of the major determinant of success in pretty much every walk of life. In other words, the thinking patterns you habitually adopt largely govern the results you achieve. Either you are currently running a business of yours, or employed in someone’s business, having an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to growth. A business owner who still thinks like an average employee will experience stunted growth, while an employee who thinks like an entrepreneur will experience a sharp rise in his or her career. So you have to think differently to succeed. Here are some mindsets entrepreneurs hold dear and apply.

1. Responsible for all decisions: Entrepreneurs know they have the opportunity to create something from nothing and this will require making big decisions about what must be done, when and how. They don’t wait for things to happen or for someone to help them decide. They take responsibility of making decisions promptly regardless of the situation or outcome. They understand that opportunities are short lived and at such develop a sense of urgency that helps achieve their goals.

2. Fearless: “Where most avoid risk, entrepreneurs see potential” Robert Irvine. True Entrepreneurs can leverage anything to amass funds they need for their startups. These are the ultimate optimists, because they believe their investment of time and money will eventually pay off.

3. Learning is continuous: Employees all have a job description requiring a specific skill, hence no desire to learn more. But entrepreneurs involve themselves in learning many skills ranging from getting investors on board, marketing your idea,learning to setup a spreadsheet or even using an unfamiliar technology. What needs to be done, has to be done. There is no room for excuses.

4. Love of challenges: When confronted by problems, many with an employees mindset shy away but entrepreneurs on the other hand rise to the occasion. An entrepreneur doesn’t think anything is insurmountable, he looks at adversity in the eye and keeps going.

5. Value of mistakes: recently read a book by Sam Walton ( one of the richest men in America) and I learnt ” not only should I not fear mistakes but I should value them”. You may ask, why should you value a mistake? This is why: each mistake you make teaches you more about yourself and your business. Entrepreneurs know this and it has made them better.

Entrepreneurs are set apart by their ability to stay driven and passionate about their purpose especially when things aren’t easy. Keep your goals, visions and mission at the forefront of your mind at all times and you will definitely be taking on the mindset of a real entrepreneur. As one of my mentors would always say ” faces don’t change the world, minds do”. I urge you to cultivate a healthy entrepreneurial mindset either you are an employee or business owner and watch your life being transformed.

I hope we have added value to you today. Thanks for joining us on today’s edition of #Entrepreneurship_Today. We love to hear from you as you leave a comment below or write us at

Don’t forget to join us next week for another interesting edition. I am Aaron Iko-ojo have a great weekend.

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