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14 Jul


Welcome to another Informative edition of entrepreneurship today from Treasure Network. We appreciate you for joining us every week and we do hope we have been adding value to you.

Last week we discussed an entrepreneurs mindset, if you missed it please do read as it will help you develop a right entrepreneurs mindset.

On today’s edition of the program, we would be discussing Networking. Networking is an essential skill for business people and invaluable to entrepreneurs for building strong relationships with other entrepreneurs from different age, group, nationality and field of interest.

According to small business encyclopedia, networking is ” developing and using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact”.

Networking is important for growing a business and successful entrepreneurs know that the lifeblood of their business is found in making the right connections.

Whether its for potential business partners, marketing, sales, consultation or just to escape the loneliness of being a solopreneur. making connections is vital for business growth. Networking is an easy task for some especially the extroverts and for many it may not be so easy. My intention today is to share some proven practices that can help strengthen your Networking skill and grow your business.

1. Start with a plan: For any aspect of a business to succeed it starts with a good plan, networking isn’t any different. Most entrepreneurs leave this aspect to chance. Which shouldn’t be so. It should be planned and followed. In drafting a plan, ask yourself the following questions: who would I need to connect with to be successful? What groups, individuals, or company could be most beneficial to my business? What will help me to grow as an entrepreneur? How can I connect with them? Write down your answers and prioritize your networking activities in the course of a day, week and month. Incorporate your activities into your calendar and commit to a plan with a timeline.

2. Build and become a resource on Social media: It amazes me how business owners never explore the full potentials of networking on social media. It is so easy these days to build contacts and connections on social media. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to produce contents, market your business, comment on and engage with relevant industries content to build trust among your followers. This will help you network with contacts who can reach out to you and you can reach out to.

LinkedIn is a sophisticated platform for business professionals, use it often to update, share, congratulate and connect with like minds. Leverage on the power of the internet to grow your network around your business.

Its been Entrepreneurship today from Treasure network. Join us nextweek as we continue on the subject matter and share more practices that can help you grow your network and business.

We would love to hear from you as you leave a comment or write us at

I’m your anchor Aaron Ikoojo.

Have a blessed week. 

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