24 Jul

​On Heralds this week is….

Jefferry Bezos

Hello…, guess you have heard of online shopping somehow either from a friend or a colleague? yea probably you should also have heard of, that’s great! Today we will be getting to know the brain box behind Amazon; who he was and who he has become. Jeffrey Bezos was born in 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bezos’s mother Jacklyn Alex Furman was a teenager at the time of his birth. As a matter of fact her marriage to Jeff’s Dad only lasted for a short time and by the time Jeff was four his mother married her second husband Miguel Bezos a Cuban who immigrated to USA. He legally adopted Jeff and changed his surname from Jorgensen to Bezos. Jeff attended River oaks elementary school from his fourth to sixth grade. His interest in scientific and technological skill started right from his childhood days, his family later moved to Miami Florida where Jeff had his high school education from the Miami palmetto high school. While in high school it was so glaring that Jeff was a genius awaiting manifestation as he won the silver night award in the Student Science Training Program organized at the University of Florida. He later later got into the university of Princeton where he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science in 1986. After school, Bezos worked on wall street for a company known as Fitel, he also worked at Bankers trust and he worked at D.E. Shaw & Co. By 1994 Jeff took a step that changed so many things in the world today; starting Bezos actually left his well paying Job to start what has made him the second richest man on earth today in a garage based on his foresight for the increasing need of the internet. Being a leader who does not joke with business details he has skillfully grown through the ladder with of success with powerful vision. It has taken over twenty years to get this far and that’s a show of an uncommon patience and resilience.

 Aside from Amazon, Jeff owns 3.3 million shares of Google stock which he bought in 1998, he also has investments in other companies that are doing well. 

He is the founder of Blue Origin which started in 2000 but became public in 2006. Its a human spaceflight startup company, built out of Jeff’s fascination with space travel and visionary interest in developing “space hotels, amusement parks, colonies and small cities for 2 million or 3 million people orbiting the Earth. They are expected to begin carrying “test passengers” in 2017 and initiate commercial flights in 2018. As at of June 2017 Bezos was reported to be worth US$85.4 billion. He is married to MacKenzie and they have four children.

Moral lessons

I believe you will agree with me that there are so many lessons to learn from Jeff Bezos but I will just pick out two that I feel every personality that desires to be great must cultivate.

1. Bezos is where and who he is today fundamentally because he is a man of vision. He knew what he wanted and he did what was necessary to get there. What are you living for? what is driving you? You don’t become great by wishing to be great, you become great by fulfilling your vision.

2. Patience and consistency are scarce virtues that you can’t do without if you must succeed in the business world. Jeff started amazon in 1994; that’s not two years ago. You will not succeed well if you have not understood the concept of patience and consistency. Rome there say wasn’t built in a day so stop expecting harvest when you should be weeding. I guess you got that!
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