Love and You

31 Jul

​Greetings readers and viewers

Treasure network welcomes you to this week`s edition of  LOVE & YOU

We shall be concluding the series; WHEN LOVE BECOMES A HEAVY WEIGHT and MAKING YOUR LOVE LIFE/

RELATIONSHIP A MOBILE PARADISE which started on the 20th, May, 2017.

#But before then, we would like to introduce the next series for the month of August to December

The next edition which will be in the month of August, we shall be hosting

Miss Patience James ; one of the fans and friends of this network who will be giving us an explorative knowledge on MAINTAINING YOUR VALUE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP for the next four weeks, she will also be sharing some experiences and first hand stories that will of course be of great help to our love life/relationship. She will focus on the following:

1. The blinded eye of Love

2. How to know if your partner values you or not

3. Increasing your worth in that relationship

4. Making your relationship a happy one.

You can’t afford to miss it, and I assure you, it will be an invaluable exposition all through.

For the month of September to December, we shall be considering KNOWING MORE ABOUT YOUR PARTNER, under this we shall be focusing on the following:

1. The four basic Temperament in African settings

2. The eight Temperament mix

3. Understanding the biology of your women

4. Understanding the biology of your man.

Probably before the end of this series some of you might start considering making some deliberate decisions in your relationships or into relationship but I will encourage you to be patient enough to follow this year`s concluding series on the topic PRACTICAL STEPS TO KNOWING YOUR SUITABLE PARTNER which will equally launch us into the new year 2018 and it promises to be a great one as we shall transcend the “ideal realm” to the “realistic and obtainable realm”. Thank you.

NOTE : This network is ready with an open hands to welcome as many that would like to share their love stories as a lesson or as an eye opener to our audience. You can reach us through call/whatsapp on these numbers: 08064168207, 08069230929 or email us

Before we call it a day here is preview of our previous editions.

1. When love becomes a heavy weight (May 20)

2. The love on a suicide mission (May 27)

3. Giving love a befitting burial (June 3)

4. Making your love life/relationship a mobile paradise (June 13)

5. Understand her love language (June 17)

A. Words of Affirmation (June 24)

B. Acts of Service (July 1)

C. Receiving Gifts (July 8)

D. Quality Time (July 15)

E. Physical touch (July 22)

Thank YOU for staying with us. You are our inspiration, encouragement and this network will continue in its efforts to developing the society through information.

This is  Love and you on

Treasure network with

 Ocheh Emmanuel .

See you same time next week as we shall consider the blinded_eye_of_Love


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