​On Heralds this week is….

Ursula Burns

She was born on the 20th September 1958. Unfortunately or should i say fortunately, she was raised by her mother Olga Burns but both of her parents were Panamanian immigrants. She attended an all girls secondary school in new York City; Cathedral High School.From there she proceeded to Brooklyn Polytechnic now known as New York University Tandon School of Engineering where she obtain a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1980 and later on a master of science in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University. She serUnfortunatelyairwoman of Xerox and was the CEO of the company from July 2009 to December 2016. This automatically made her the first black-American woman CEO to head a Fortune 500 company.

In addition to the Xerox board, she is a director of the American Express Corporation, and also provides leadership counsel to many community, educational, and nonprofit organizations.

Burns is married to Lloyd Bean, who also worked at Xerox, and she resides in Manhattan, New York. She has a daughter Melissa Bean(25 years old) and a stepson Malcolm Bean (28 years old).

Moral Lessons

I want to specially dedicate today’s heralds to the young ladies. The truth is we must learn to learn from people’s life’s and take actions. Now here are the lessons.

1. You can achieve anything in life irrespective of your gender if only you can dare to believe and act based on the fact that you can do all things especially through Christ. 

2. I guess I have said this before but if I have not i am saying it now. Nobody is to be held responsible for your failure in life. In fact your background challenges is not a genuine reason for you to fail. Dare to pierce through the barriers and you will see that you too can be great, wonderful and successful. I believe you have all it takes to become the answer the world needs so use it.

As always, it’s being Heralds with Julius Ojonugwa Akubo on Treasure network. catch you next week.

Wishing you a blessed week!!!

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Love and You

Good evening to you beloved readers, we are sorry for not bringing up the post love and you today. It was due to some challenges but we will be bringing up something good soonest.

From us at Treasure network is a very big thank you to you for being there for us.

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​Entrepreneurship Today

Good evening our dear readers and welcome to the maiden edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP TODAY. My name is Aaron, am your anchor on this informative and educative program. Stay glued to your screen as I take you into the world of entrepreneurship every week.
On today’s edition, we would be discussing on the topic “Who is an Entrepreneur?”

Just last week, I had a chat with a good friend, we spoke on how we spend from the very first minute we are awake till when we retire back to bed at night. We concluded it was bad to go to bed every night without earning something, then he popped the question ”Na to be entrepreneur sure pass abi?” I pondered on the question which lead to two other questions:

1. Who is an entrepreneur?

2. Can everyone be an entrepreneur?

Join me as we unravel the answers together.

We have this mindset that an entrepreneur is only someone who starts or owns a business, an enterprise or an establishment. While this is true, it is not the whole because you can be an entrepreneur even without owning a business just yet. Then who is truly an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who sees opportunities where others see obstacles, he sees solutions where others see problems, a way where others sees a wall and a paradise where others see a desert.

An entrepreneur is a creator, a challenger, an innovator, a risk taker and a leader. He is in charge of situations and someone to look to for leadership. An entrepreneur is someone who decides to make his/her idea a reality either to create economic or social values.

Entrepreneurs are ORDINARY people who make and find opportunities everywhere and turning it to their advantage.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur, the truth is everyone is born an entrepreneur its just unfortunate many die without knowing nor experiencing it. The defining factor depends on how we put our minds to use.

Entrepreneurs are not super humans, they are not the few privileged neither are they more endowed than YOU. They are just the ones who choose to put their minds to effective use, take the risk and are crazy enough to make their idea a reality irrespective of whether it yield profit or not but ultimately and eventually their ideas yield economic and social values.

So yes anyone can be an entrepreneur, we are all entrepreneurs, YOU are an entrepreneur we only need to believe in ourselves and make our ideas a reality.

Thank you for joining us, we hope TREASURE NETWORK has added value to you today. Join us same time next week for another fresh and informative episode of entrepreneurship today.

We would love to hear your views on the subject matter as you leave a comment. Thanks for your time.

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​On Heralds this week is…….

Martin Luther King Jnr

He was born on the 15th of January 1929 at Atlanta Georgia. He is the second born of Reverend Martin Luther King Sr and Alberta williams King. Martin Luther king Jnr began his education at yonge street elementary sschool Atlanta Georgia. He was later moved to David. T Howard elementary school. He also attended Booker T Washington high school and because of his high score in the college entrance examanitions he went to Morehouse college without a formal graduation from Booker T Washington high school. In 1948 he graduated from Morehouse college with a B.A. in sociology. He now then enrolled in Crozer theological seminary in Chester Pennsylvania he was awarded a Bachelor of Divinity degree from the university in 1951. He now began his doctoral study in systematic theology in 1951 and ended in 1955.

He married the former correter scott younger daughter Alabama on June18 1953. Dr marthin Luther king Junior entered ministry and was ordained in 1948 at the age of 19. He was a pivotal figure in the civil right movement and was elected President of the Montgomery Improvement Association. He was arrested thirty times for his participation in civil right activities. He was a member of several national and local institutions and agencies board of directors. He received so many awards for his leadership in the civil right movement. The movements and marches he led brought about a significant change in the American life. He was a committed and charismatic leader who inspired so many people round the world. His concept of somebodiness gave black people and the poor a new sense of self worth and dignity. He was a Nobel Peace Price winner. Daughter Martin Luther king Jnr was short dead on the 4th of April 1968 by James Earl Ray who was layers arrested and sentenced to ninety nine years at the Tennessee state penitentiary. Till date Martin Luther king Junior remain a great and celebrated legendvim America and the world at large.

Moral lessons

The great Martin Luther king Junior forever remains an icon of all time and I want us to learn the following from his life.

1. Always stand for the truth no matter what and even be ready to pay the ultimate price for standing for the truth. Its capable of making you like Dr king.

2. Violence isn’t the best way for solving any problem whatsoever. Make your point plain and clear in a consistent manner and your message will soon become clear to all opponents. 

There are still some other things to learn from the life of this great icon but that will be some other time.

Its being Heralds with Julius Ojonugwa Akubo on Treasure network. catch you next week.
Wishing you a blessed week!!!

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What’s determination?
Its a resolution that distinguishes the winners from the quitters. Its a core attribute of world transformers and revolutioners. It is the act of making up your mind to achieve a certain goal or goals at all cost, challenges not withstanding. A determined mind knows no such thing as impossible. Determination is what Nigerians need to see the Nigeria we desire in our reality. Determination is what made Bill gates the richest man in the world determination is what kept Nelson Mandela in his fight for south Africa’s freedom, determination is what keeps Usain bolt running to the line before everyone he runs with, determination is what transformed mike Adenuga from being a taxi driver to a billionaire.

Determination is what  we need to change Nigeria, 

determination is what we need to fight corruption, nepotism, indiscipline and all the vices facing our great nation.

Determination is what we need to see that we have a part to play in reducing unemployment, and indolence in Nigeria.

Determination is what we need to awaken the patriotic mind that kept great men like Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmodu Bello and a great list of other Nigerian heroes going in their fight for the Nigeria we now have 

It is with that same determination that we will make Nigeria better.

Weak people don’t talk of determination cause there are too weak to pay the price that comes with determination.

Nothing great ever start without determination so its not a choice but an unbeatable quality that you must posses if you ever want to see change 

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It’s another week on LOVE AND YOU, and i really want to welcome you to this program as we shall be looking at the part 3 of when love becomes a heavy weight. 

Our topic today: Giving love a befitting burial, we shall be looking at three basic things that can kill your affection/love towards somebody. These are also common but overlooked things that gives love a natural death. 

Stay tuned.

1. Disappointments/unfaithfulness- Inability to keep to your words or promises leads to your partner losing trust and confidence in you. And when this becomes consistent in a relationship, the love in that relationship begins to die naturally, nothing about your partner interest you again because trust was traded with. One of the most common things that gives love a natural death and befitting burial is the issue of disappointment and unfaithfulness. People appreciates partners who are true to their words, a partner who is not faithful is no different from one living a life of deceit

 2.Inability to manage stress and depression

Pressure, hardship and tedious engagements are causes of stress, anyone under stress can be easily angered even when words are spoken with the best intentions. Ladies most times find it difficult to manage stress and depression, even men too and which most times leads to transfer of aggression and making unhealthy moves and talks. The moment you can not calm down enough even under stress to respond to your partner politely then you have started killing the person’s love for you. Inability to manage stress especially after work is great threat to your love life, work has come to stay, the relationship has come to stay but it lies on your deliberate decision not to allow stress get hold of you and bury your relationship.

 3. Pride and jealousy

This is a major threat to healthy relationships. 


 Every man need to look out for relationship difficulties that arise their ego problems, man often refuse to admit that they are wrong and would rather want to make wrong choices than bow to the lady even when it seems the lady is right.

 Some men feel threatened and insecure too when the lady they love becomes successful, they assert their  supriority to counter their insecurity, demeaning those women in the process. Such men are impossible to please.

 They just need to realize and understand that there is no need to compete with a lady and should equally try to feel comfortable with their natural leadership role.


A lady’s attitude will either attract men or even drives them away,

 When a lady is too arrogant, bossy, pushy men tend to avoid her

Every man wants a lady who really needs him, not just one who wants him and if as a lady your position and achievement cause you to act as if you don’t need anything, men then are unlikely to show interest in you. YOUR FERMINITY IS YOUR GREATEST ASSET

Most partners find it difficult to say am sorry, these three words are simple, short and easy to pronounce but how many people can count how many times their partners said I am sorry even when they are wrong especially men. And on the other hand some partners can deliberately misuse this tool: “I am sorry”. In other words they can deliberately offend their partners or go against their wish because they know they can always say I am sorry. Apology should come from the heart and not just the lips to fulfill all righteousness. Pride has killed so many relationships and even given it a befitting burial and if your love life or relationship is struggling with pride then you just bought an expensive coffin or casket for your love.
 Conclusively in as much you want to want to enjoy your relationship doing the right things is very much important.

If you need a right person, make your self a right person first, don’t expect what you don’t have and can’t offer. Next week we shall look at making your love life a mobile paradise. Thank you.
This is LOVE AND YOU on  Tresure network with  Ocheh Emmanuel. See you same time, next week. Don’t forget to like, share and publicize this network. HAPPY WEEKEND

You can drop your comments or you can also reach us through

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Check this out!

​Abraham Lincoln On his first day

in office as President of

United States of America:

Abraham Lincoln entered the

hallowed chamber to give his

Inaugural Address. Then a rich

Aristocrat stood up and said: “Mr. Lincoln, you should not forget to tell us that

your father used to

make shoes for my family”….And

the whole Senate

laughed. They thought they had

made a fool of Lincoln…

But certain people are made of a

totally different gene.

Lincoln looked at the man directly

in the eyes and said:

“Sir, I know that my father used

to make shoes for

your family, and there will be

many others here too,

because he made shoes the way

nobody else can.

He was a creator. His shoes were

not just ordinary shoes

cos he poured his whole soul

into them. I

want to ask you, have you any

complaint? Because

I know how to make shoes

myself. If you have any

complaint, I can make you

another pair of shoes.

But as far as I know, nobody has

ever complained

about my father’s shoes. He was

a genius, a great creator

and I am proud of my father”.

The whole senate was

dumbstruck. They could not

understand what kind of man

Abraham Lincoln

was. He was proud because his

father did his job so well

that not even a single complaint

had ever been

heard. Remember, no one can

hurt us without our

consent. It is not what happens

to us that hurts us, it is our

response that hurts us. There are

people out there whose

only job is to hurt others. Don’t

give them a reason to have

so much work on their hands.

May your days be blessed!

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